Fitness Friday #14

Happy Friday!  This week has been a long one for us!  Between a teething toddler, my grandmother’s funeral and just business, I’m ready for the weekend!  This is how most of my mornings have been spent this week.  Part of me is loving my suddenly cuddly little guy but part of me is also getting […]

Fitness Friday #14 + Tabata What?

Happy Friday! Do you ever have a day where you just feel the need to shop?  Who am I kidding?  Of coarse you do!  Well, unless you hate shopping which I’m sure not too many of you do!  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I had a return to make at the mall so […]

Fitness Friday #13

Happy Friday guys! Hope you had a great week!  It sure did fly by and I have a feeling November is going to do so as well!  Holiday season here we come! Today was my last Fitmixer boot camp workout 😦  Sadness!  Now that I’m so used to getting up early and doing my Fitmixer workout I will probably continue […]

Marvelous in My Monday!

Happy Monday! I’m starting this week with a positive attitude and happy mind.  After last week I was feeling a little out of sorts.  We had a fun but extremely busy weekend and it will be nice to begin a new week with good goals set in place for my physical and emotional health. Source […]

Fitness Friday #12

Happy Friday! I am so ready for this week to be over!  It’s been a long one for sure! Source After a really long week and a long day with the Love Nugget, I was happy to get away for a little kid free time last night.  I was invited to a blogger event showcasing the new […]

Random thoughts

Hi there! Do you ever just let your mind run off on tangents for awhile?  Sometimes I’ll start thinking about one thing, and my mind will go off on random tangents until I snap back to reality.  The other day when I was frantically searching for my headband before my 10k, I started thinking about how […]

What a day!

Phew!  What a day! Before I get started with my day, let me first announce the winner of the Sweatyband headband!  I was so happy to have so many entries for this particular giveaway!  It was a popular one and wish I had more to give away! chose Kim from Hungry Healthy Girl as the […]