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Fitness Friday #14

Happy Friday! 

This week has been a long one for us!  Between a teething toddler, my grandmother’s funeral and just business, I’m ready for the weekend! 

This is how most of my mornings have been spent this week.  Part of me is loving my suddenly cuddly little guy but part of me is also getting a little tired of constantly holding him.

Yesterday was an especially long day.  We began the day with a trip about 2 hours away to my grandmother’s memorial service.  It was short and sweet.  We celebrated her life after at their house with family and friends.  It was fun to spend the day looking through old photo albums and remembering some good times we all shared with her. 

We left my grandfather’s house and drove straight to a party for my husbands work.  His company, Descor Builders, was voted best company to work for in the Sacramento area which is pretty cool!  So they celebrated at a local brewery with food and beer of course!  I didn’t snap many pictures but I finally got a chance to try a Pumpkin Ale!  I actually really liked it as well as all their other beers and I’m not a very big beer drinker!  The love Nugget was in rare form fussing and clinging to me the entire time.  He is NEVER like that but I shouldn’t have been surprised since that was pretty much how all week had been.  I was just hoping since some of his friends were there that he would run around and play but not much luck.  He did spend a little time flirting with his little girlfriend Sadie 🙂

Even though it was a long day, I was looking forward to ending the night with a fun wine class at Total Wine with my cousin, Auntie Gigi. 


Wow!  Not only do I look worn out in this photo but like 5 years older too!  Yikes! 

We have taken a few of these classes now and had been looking forward to this particular one since it was all champagne and sparkling wine.  Yum! 

Auntie Gigi learning to do the Angels hiss opening technique. I was too chicken to try!

Not only did we get to taste some delicious bubbly, it was very informative.  Did you know that the champagne glass is shaped as a flute so that the sparkling beverage shoots to the back of your mouth where you are able to taste more of the bubbly goodness.  Also, while Cooks or Andre might seem like a good cheap alternative to the more expensive choice, it is also more likely to give you a headache.  This is because rather than going through the time-consuming but important process of making the grapes into a sparkling beverage, they take wine and add larger bubbles into it similar to how soda is made.  Since the bubbles are larger, they go through your blood stream and up to your head faster causing you to get a head ache.  The instructor joked that while you might save five bucks on the bottle, you’ll eventually spend more since you’ll have to buy a container of pain reliever!  Ha!  To top off the evening, we tasted a champagne with a vintage hibiscus flower dropped in. 

Beautiful and delicious!  I’ll be going back to purchase a jar of these for Christmas bubbly! 

Since today is Friday, it’s Fitness time!  This week will be short since it was a rough one as far as fitness goes for me.  Not only was it hard to get out of the house with the Love Nugget, but I rolled my ankle while taking new class on Wednesday so I rested yesterday and am taking it easy today.   I can’t remember the last time I did that! 

Saturday – 5 mile run on treadmill + abs

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Bodypump at 24 hour fitness

Tuesday – 3 mile run on treadmill + Blonde Ponytails Crossfit Countdown Home workout

Wednesday – 24 hour Ripped Class and Cycle Class

Thursday – Rest

Friday – ????  Something but I’m still in my Pj’s right now 🙂 Lazy!

So if you guys haven’t checked out Jess at  Blonde Ponytail  yet do so!  She is super fit and posts some great at home workouts that really work you! 

That’s it for today!  I’m off to put the Love Nugget down for a nap and hopefully get in a workout.  We don’t have much planned for today or this weekend which is nice.  We might go to the Mandarin Festival tomorrow then Sunday the hubby is encouraging me to go have a day of shopping, by myself!   I might just take him up on that offer 🙂 

Have a great weekend!


  • Have you ever taken a wine tasting class? 
  • What was your favorite day of exercise this week? 
  • Weekend plans? 



One comment on “Fitness Friday #14

  1. Thanks for sharing the workout!! What a fun way to enjoy champagne!

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