Famous Failures

Hello, hello! 

Hope everyone had a marvelous Monday!  We were home most the day yesterday except for a short trip to the gym.  The Love Nugget seemed like he was feeling better and hadn’t had a fever since Sunday morning.  So I thought he would enjoy going to play at the gym while I took a class or two.  Nope!  He screamed and clung onto me when I dropped him off.  Breaks my heart!  I left him but kept peaking in the window to see if he was okay.  They were holding him most the time so I finished up a 45 minute Bodypump then we headed home. 

After the Love Nugget’s nap, we went for a walk and played in some leaves.  The weather was so nice and we both needed to get outdoors. 

The rest of the day was filled with whining, clinging, hitting, and refusing to eat much.  The hitting was fun.  So much fun that we are exploring time outs.  I do feel pretty bad when I put him in a time out but it’s not for long, (seriously like barely a minute) and then we talk about why hitting is not okay and how it hurts me.  Really it’s all around not that much fun for either of us but hopefully it will get rid of the hitting problem.  Eventually…   Regardless of the time outs, he continued to whine and fuss all afternoon even after the hubby got home.  After bath time, he was sitting on my lap and I stuck my finger in his mouth to feel his teeth.  It’s hard to do this lately because he will bite you.  However, he let me feel around and eventually I discovered what was causing this change in behavior.  Poor little guy has a tooth that’s just about to break through and his gums are very swollen.  He even said, “Ouch, when I pushed down on it.”  Poor Nugget! 

After yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel like a little bit of a bad mom.  One, for taking him to the gym and leaving him crying with a stranger (he’s actually been left with this particular girl a few times but still…stranger).  Two, for having to be stern with the Nugget and put him in a time out and three, for losing my patience with him when he was just trying to tell me his mouth hurt.  Being a mom is a tough job and it’s hard not to feel like a failure some days. 

This morning, as I ran out some frustrations at the gym,  I heard some great facts about famous failures on the Jillian Micheals pod cast.  Did you know that,

  • Michael Jordan was cut from him high school basketball team
  • Bill Gates was a Harvard drop out
  • Thomas Edison tried more than 9,000 experiments before inventing the light bulb
  • Steven Spielberg dropped out of school, in Jr. High
  • John Grisham was rejected by 16 agents and 12 publishing houses
  • Marilyn Monroe was dropped by 20th Century Fox because they thought she was unattractive and couldn’t act
  • Abraham Lincoln had more than 12 major failures before being elected President

Very interesting little segment that made me remember to look at everything as a learning experience. 

Pinned Image

While I was feeling like a bit of a failure, rather than dwell on it, I needed to change it. Look at what was really going on with the situation and fix it.  In this case, the Love Nugget’s teeth were killing him and I was getting frustrated with his way of dealing with the pain rather than helping him.  This morning he started right off with his fussiness at breakfast so I grabbed an old teething toy and handed it to him.  Something he never really used to like but, voila!  It helped!  Later at lunch he wasn’t eating anything and kept spitting out his food.  Rather than trying to get him to eat what I had given him I grabbed a squeeze pouch that we keep on hand for quick meals and again he was satisfied.  Yes these might seem like simple mom things that I should know how to do but honestly, he hasn’t acted this way due to teething in a long time if at all.  So I thought he was just being a stinker and was focused more on teaching him a lesson rather than on helping him.  Lesson learned! 

Hopefully that tooth decides to pop through soon so that we will have our happy little guy back 🙂 Speaking of the Nugget, he just woke up so we are going to go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful fall weather. 

Have a great afternoon! 


  • What failures have turned into lessons for you? 
  • How have you been enjoying the fall weather lately? 



6 comments on “Famous Failures

  1. I’ve been there! Gosh, today has felt like an overall “bad mom” day for me! It is so hard sometimes! I feel bad every time I put Keenan in time out, but deep down inside, I know it is the right thing to do. They have to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Though, it is especially hard when they are acting out due to their teeth or not feeling well. I hate to discipline him when he is fussy due to being uncomfortable, but it can be so frustrating at times! I’ve definitely learned from some of my “mommy” failures and just strive for a better day tomorrow! Hang in there!

  2. Thank you Melissa! I thought you were so great with Keenan today! So calm and patient with him. I agree 100% with you on teaching them what is acceptable. It was just so much easier when I was teaching and it wasn’t my kid! I never thought it would hurt my heart so much to see him so sad. This afternoon was a little better. Not as far as his fussiness but no hitting and I felt more patient and understanding. Maybe we’ll have perfected this mommy thing by they next one 😉

  3. I can tell from the little while I have read your blog that you’re a good mom and I have tucked away many of the things you do for when I have kids of my own! I can imagine it is hard to feel like you are doing great all the time, but we are always learning and growing, like you said.

  4. The fact that you were able to figure it out, and then use different ways to satisfy little love nugget makes you an amazing mom 🙂

    p.s. from your one post comment; I too wish we lived near each other! I could honestly see us becoming such great friends & having such a fun time together.

  5. Love Nugget is one lucky boy to have a mom like you. You seem like a lot of fun. Interesting facts you posted. I always like reading little bits of info like that. Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the Empowered Living hop

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