Sunday Meal Planning

Hi there!

Happy Sunday to you all and for those of you that have tomorrow off, yay for you!  I used to love having an extra day of the weekend but now it’s just another day.

Yesterday the Love Nugget and I wet to the gym so I could try to get into the Core class that I love.  But… it was full 😦  Bummer!  So I ran on the treadmill but was concerned about the Nugget the whole time and kept stopping to peak in on him.  He cried pretty hard when I left him and was clinging to me not wanting to let go.  He had also woken up in the middle of the night and I didn’t even think that he might not be feeling good until we were there and I was halfway through my workout.  He was playing when I went in to pick him up but was really tired when we got home and instantly fell asleep.  When he got up I took his temp and it was a little higher than normal but nothing to be worried about.  So the hubby and I decided to go to the mall which turned out to be a bad idea.  Holy crazyness!  It was almost like Black Friday!  There was no parking, long lines, and TONS of people!  Not only that but the Love Nugget began to fade, fast.  Poor little guy was in good spirits but looked horrible.  Needless to say we came home and took his temp which had spiked to 102.3!  Yikes!  Luckily my sister-in-law, who is a nurse was over and she calmed my nerves by telling me to watch how he was acting rather than just his temp.  He was mellow but not really crying so we just gave him Tylenol and watched him.  Pretty soon he was running around playing with his toys and the White Coyote.   He still had a slight fever when we put him to bed and this morning but is acting just fine!  Must be some sort of virus?  Scary though because that’s the highest temp he’s had yet and a learning experience for us both.

Anyways, today, depending on how he feels, we might go to brunch.  Then it’s football day for the hubby and laundry day for me.  Yay…

This morning I managed to get a little meal planning done before everyone got up.  We are cleaning out some of our freezer meals so it’s not a very exciting week of meals but better to have a plan than not!

I’m linking up my Sunday meal planning with Laura at Mommy Run Fast for Healthy Menu Planning Challenge.

What's for Dinner?

Sunday – Freezer Chili

Monday – Freezer black bean and sweet potato enchiladas

Tuesday – Sweet Potato Shepards Pie

Pinned Image

Wednesday – Coconut Crusted Tilapia

Pinned Image

Thursday – Out

Friday – Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

Saturday – Dinner at Friends

Sunday – ???

Hope you have a good Sunday!


  • What do you have on your meal plan for this week?
  • Has your little one had a fever before with no other symptoms?
  • Have you started your Christmas shopping?

6 comments on “Sunday Meal Planning

  1. Hope your little one is feeling better. Only one of my kiddos has ever had a fever. The Dr. reassured me that fevers are good. It’s the bodies way to fight the virus. Hard to think of that when your LO is burning up. But do go by how he acts more than anything.

    Yum! The sweet potato pie looks insanely good!

    • Thanks! That helped put my mind at ease a little. I almost wish he had a stuffy nose or something that resembled sickness other than just a fever. That way I would know more of what to do. At least he has been in good spirits 🙂 AND sleeping all night 🙂

  2. I just finished lunch but looking at that sweet potato shepherd’s pie makes me hungry again! L has always remained pretty active when she’s had a fever, too… it’s the weirdest thing. Hope he’s back to normal quickly!
    And I really need to start my shopping…

  3. Awe poor Love Nugget. I’m so happy to hear he’s doing much better though

    Great meals this week. Funny because I have the same recipe (coconut crusted tilapia) planned for Tuesday.

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