Last Chance Survey

Okay so since I’m awake at 5:30 already showered since I thought it was 6:30… I’m going to join in on this survey that I’m seeing throughout the blog world lately.  Something to keep my mind off things….

Last Chance Survey

1. Last food you ate….

Well, since it’s 5:30am I haven’t eaten anything yet this morning.  So I’ll go with last night before bed I indulged in another one of these cookies that are really yummy!  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt from Monique’s blog.


2. Last beverage you drank….

I’m enjoying a nice hot cup of Java right now 🙂  AND I’m sure I’ll enjoy another!

3. Last workout….

Friday’s Fitmixer workout.  I wish I would have gone to the gym this morning especially since it’s so early but… I already showered and don’t really want to do that again!


For a Christmas craft with the Love Nugget 🙂

Pinned Image

Source – herblog from Pinterest

5. Last text message you sent…

“Yeah, I did last week.” in response to my best friends text asking if I had been down to visit my Grandma.

6. Last blog you visited….

Katie’s blog to get this survey and to see what she’s up to this Sunday morning 🙂

7. Last tweet you sent…

This morning in regards to my unexpected, earlier than normal, Sunday wake up.

“Anyone else up at 5:30am thinking it was 6:30am 😦  Grrr.. #timechange

8. Last place you visited….

Yesterday afternoon we went to The Fresh Market to pick up something for dinner.  I love that they have tons of uncooked premade meal options like Chicken Cordon Blue and Chicken Sicily that we can take home and cook ourselves.  Some nights I just don’t feel like preparing dinner but don’t want to go out either 🙂

9. Last time you did ab work…

Hmmm… I haven’t done a workout dedicated to abs only in quite a while.  I always add in a few if I’m at the gym, and the Fitmixer workouts had a ton of core exercises in their daily workouts.  I think that’s a common misconception a lot of times with people who want a good firm stomach.  You don’t need to necessarily spend TONS of time focused on abs only, do more core building exercises (planks, side planks, push-ups, Pilates pulses, etc.) and trust me, your abs will get firmer!

10. Last show you watched…

Well, we had Dateline Real Life Mysteries on last night but I wasn’t really watching it.  Friday night we watched Grimm after our friends left.  Not sure why but for some reason we got into that show!


11. Last thing you baked….

Monique’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt 🙂  (Photo above)

12. Last thing you instagrammed…

Yeah… we spent all day at the car dealership yesterday.  Went to check out the Nissan Armada and see what we could get as far as trade in for our 2010 GMC Acadia that we’ve had for less that two years.  Damn car salesmen gave us a pretty good deal and since we knew we eventually wanted a bigger car, we figured better sooner than later!


13. Last item on your to-do list today…

I don’t have one yet…. Well, I’ve always got a running to-do list in my head but usually on Sunday’s I sit down and write one up for the week.  So that will hopefully get done today!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and… that unlike me, you got that extra hour of sleep!


  • Choose two Last Chance items and comment below 🙂





4 comments on “Last Chance Survey

  1. What a fun survey – I may just have to steal it.

    Visiting from Jill’s blog hop – I know this isn’t the post you linked up, but I liked this one 🙂 And to comment on the Bootcamp post – I’m doing an online Bootcamp right now and I love it. I enjoy working out on my own time and yet love having the structure of a workout prepared for me.

    Nice to meet you!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Of coarse, steal away! I’ve seen it a lot this past weekend 🙂 You have an adorable family! I read you’re doing Tina’s Best Body bootcamp and have heard good things about it. Maybe I’ll give it a try!

  2. oh no to the time change mix-up!! haha…i would have been right there with you but thankfully my phone does auto-adjust and it’s my alarm clock. but until i got that i was perpetually thrown the the time changes!

    okay, the last thing i baked doesn’t count because i micro-nuked! i reaaaaally stink and cooking. and the last show i watched was Grey’s Anatomy on netflix. 🙂

    • I wish I would have had my phone next to me like most night buts forgot it downstairs 😦 At least I got all the bills paid and the menu planning done for the week!
      Haha! Micro-nuked! Oh no! Love Grey’s Anatomy!

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