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October Foodie Pen Pal

Happy Halloween!

We’ve had a busy week already!  Good thing it’s half-way over!  The past two mornings we spent some time at the car dealership waiting for my car to be fixed.  So it was rush, rush out the door and breakfast on the road.  Today it was nice to have a little breakfast at home but not much since we are headed to Stroller Strides for a special Halloween class!  Fun!

The Love Nugget will be dressed up in his “Mini marathoner” outfit.  Fun!  That will probably be the extent of our Halloween activities for this year.  The Love Nugget is at a funky age where he’s too young to take trick-or-treating (in my opinion) and we are being bah humbug with trick-or-treators at our house.  I mentioned it before but we just don’t live in a neighborhood with a lot of young kids and it’s usually teenagers who aren’t dressed up who come to our door.  I know, we are like the Grinches of Halloween!  Next year will be much more fun since the Nugget will understand it more and maybe we will have moved to a new neighborhood 🙂

So, on to something fun!  Today I’m finally getting to share something I’ve been wanting to since it came in the mail.  My foodie pen pal box!

FPP post Foodie Penpals

I love this program and enjoy not only receiving a box full of goodies from someone, but sending a box as well. This is my third month of participation in Foodie Pen Pal and if your interested in the previous two reviews you can check them out here and here.

This program is really fun and is organized by the amazing Lindsey over at The Lean Green Bean.  Thanks Lindsey for putting together such a fun way to try out new foods and get to meet new folks!

This month I was paired up with Joy who lives in a small town in Oregon.  She makes the most adorable hair clips over at Lucky Cupcake.  Make sure to stop by and check out her craftiness!

She took a lot of time and consideration into putting my box together.  When she asked what types of foods I liked, I mentioned that I love chocolate, healthy foods and trying new products from different locations.  She did such a great job of finding some fun products that I really enjoyed!

My box was filled with yummy, local, healthy treats.

A new to me bottle of Raspberry Wine.  Sounds delicious and I think I’ll try it out mixed with a little sparkling wine.  Maybe a holiday cocktail?  Yum!  There was also a yummy jar of local seedless blackberry jam that the Love Nugget and I enjoyed with some almond butter.  The hands down best bread I think I’ve ever had was in the box too.  Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl Bread!  Holy goodness!  The hubby and I ate this with some pumpkin butter from Apple Hill.  So good!  However, I’d have to say my favorite (the hubby’s too) thing in this amazing box of goodies were these adorable little chocolates.

Seriously they were almost too good to eat!  But… that would defeat their purpose so of coarse we had to eat them!  Oh wow were they good!  I was a little saddened once they were gone because I wanted more but then we stumbled upon them at a new sweet shop in Roseville!  Yay!

Here’s just a little information on the program but you can read all the details here.

  • 5th of the month, you will receive your pen pal pairing via email. You will send a package to someone different from whom you receive.
  • Your package is to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treats!
  • The spending limit is $15.
  • The box must also include something written. This can be anything from a note explaining what’s in the box, to a fun recipe.
  • 15th of the month, you put your box of goodies in the mail.
  • Last day of the month, reveal the Foodie Penpal package you received in a post!
  • Open to bloggers and blog readers.

Seriously check it out peeps!  Sign ups for next month are going on now and it’s super fun!

Well, we are off to enjoy some Halloween fun today!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!


  • Are you dressing up for Halloween?
  • Do you participate in Foodie Pen Pal?  If so, do you like it? 

One comment on “October Foodie Pen Pal

  1. Wow! You got some great stuff! I’ve participated twice and it was fun. I think I’ll participate after the rush of the holiday season. Have a happy Halloweeen!

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