Toddler activites


I’ve been meaning to do a post for a while now about fun things to do with a toddler.  So I’m finally getting around to it today.

I love doing fun things with the Love Nugget.  I am always looking for new ideas and things to keep him busy and help him learn.  Behold Pinterest and the never ending ideas that you can find browsing the wonderful site.  Luckily I can combine ideas and things I remember from when I was a preschool teacher with fun stuff I find on Pinterest.  Here are a few cheap and easy activities that the Love Nugget enjoys.


For this particular painting activity, I mixed up a little bit of cornstarch, food coloring and water.  This way if he put it in his mouth (which he did) it was non-toxic and it washed off easily 🙂

Painting with wine corks

The Love Nugget really enjoyed this one and it turned out pretty cute!  I used acrylic paint here and monitored the activity very closely so he didn’t put it in his mouth.

Apple prints

Ooops!  I goofed on this activity and forgot to change his clothes before sitting him down with red poster paint.  He loved stamping the paint with apples but did get it all over him.  We went straight to the bath after this!


He’s been getting more and more into coloring lately but still tries to eat the crayons everytime!  Make sure you have some good non-toxic crayons for your little one to use 🙂  I love this little lap table that I picked up at Micheals awhile back!

Scensory actvities

I learned in child development how important it is for babies and toddlers to be experiencing lots of different textures.  So I’m often trying to do scensory actvities with the Love Nugget.  Some of which he loves, some…not so much.  The above is just a bunch of spaghetti noodles (dollar store) boiled and tossed into his water table.  At first he wasn’t a huge fan of the slimy texture but once I showed him how to throw them onto his eisle, he had fun 🙂

Cotton balls are a cheap and easy scensory play to do with your toddler.  We pulled them apart and made a Halloween ghost out of them but this is a great scensory activity for your little one to just touch and feel.

Golf tees

This activity was messy!  However, it was a pretty easy clean up so I let him go to town.  He probably sat here for over 30 minutes just sticking the tees in, pulling them out, sticking them in and pulling them out.  This too is a great for building their fine motor skills and is a new texture for them.  I also do this with the white flower foam which doesn’t fall apart as easy but he prefers this one.  Of coarse, because it’s messier!

Dry noodles and beans

I keep tubs of dry noodles and beans (dollar store) in a cupboard for him to play with when I’m busy in the kitchen.  Also in with the dry beans and noodles are little plastic critters (again, dollar store) that he can dig for.  He loves scooping out the beans and dumping them into another container so I often give him bowls, cups, etc. to use too.  Super cheap, easy, and again, a great scensory and fine motor development activity!

Using glue

The best way to use glue with your toddler is to mix plain elmers glue with a little bit of water, put it in a cup and give them a paint brush.  This allows them to participate and work on fine motor skills as well.


Some of my earliest memories with my grandma are cooking with her.  Helping her mix then of coarse, getting to lick the spoon.  The Love Nugget loves getting to help out in the kitchen even if it’s only for a few minutes of stirring.  He’s getting to an age now where he can helps scoop and dump the ingredients into the bowls too which he loves!  One thing I do try to do while in the kitchen with him is to use lots of vocabulary words.  This is a great time to show him how you pour, mix, stir, dump, measure, empty, cook, bake, etc.  Not only are they beign exposed to lots of new words, but they are getting to spend some fun time with you!

Build a fort

I’m sure we all remember the awsomness of forts from when we were little.  This is so easy, of coarse cheap and loads of fun for your little one.  We spent a long time in our reading fort we built the other day just reading books and cuddling.  Just make sure you don’t do what I did and secure the blanket under something that could fall over.  The hubby came home, jumped into the fort and almost got knocked out when a clock fell off the shelf.   Ooops!

Busy box

This is seriously one of the Love Nugget’s favorites and it’s so easy!  I just took an old box and cut some different size openings in one side.  I rounded up a bunch of items that could easily fit into the holes and showed the Love Nugget how to stick them in.  Once he was all done, he immediatly wanted them out again, and again, and again.  Unfortunately the box saw the end of it’s days recently but we’ll be making a new one soon!

Playing with food

Some of you are probably not that big on the mess that comes with this activity but it is so good for them to feel and explore the texture of foods.   The Love Nugget had so much fun squishing, scooping, and eating this bowl of healthier pudding. Some of it did get into his mouth I promise!

Some other fun things we like to do that I don’t have photos of right now are playing with playdough, shaving cream play (outside or in the bathtub), dancing, playing in the dirt (all boy my nugget is), and going for walks.  I’m sure there will be many more fun things to add to this list as the Love Nugget gets older.  I have tons of ideas for activites to do with him as he grows and can’t wait to share them!


  • What do you and your little one enjoy doing?
  • Does your love nugget enjoy getting messy or like staying clean?

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  1. What a great post for mommas out there! 🙂

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