The Fresh Market Roseville

Good morning!

I know yesterday’s post was not the most uplifting so today I’m moving on with a happier post 🙂

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to attend a sneak peek tweet up at The Fresh Market in Roseville.  The Fresh Market is a gourmet grocery store that originated in North Carolina.  The Roseville store is their first West Coast location with all other stores on the East coast.  They are a chain grocery store that was opened in 1982 with one goal in mind, “bring friends, family and neighbors high-quality perishable products in a warm and friendly atmosphere.”  I was thrilled to be able to be one of the first in the area to see goal first hand.

Right away I was taken back by the beauty on display as you walk in the doors.

They have a huge assortment of gorgeous flowers but their main selling point will be their beautiful orchids.  Gorgeous!  Along with a wide range of fresh flowers, they have a gift basket station where they create custom gift baskets for your gifting needs.  They will of coarse have some pre-made baskets for you to choose from or you can build your own. 

They were having a drawing for a few of their wonderful gift baskets and I happened to be the lucky winner of one!

Pretty cool!

Okay back to this amazing grocery store… Just beyond the fresh flowers is their wonderous produce section. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that I really like my fresh produce.  This is the area I spend the most time at in a grocery store and also spend the most money.  As we were being told about their 100 mile program where fruits and veggies are sourced from local farms within a 100 mile radius, I knew I’d be in this section a lot!  One goal of The Fresh Market is to support local farmers and business’.  They show this with their 100 mile program with signs that will tell you the location, name of the farm and distance from the store. 

The Fresh Market’s main focus is on quality and value.  The company’s expert buyers search the world for the highest quality and best tasting products.

You can definitely see this while browsing their produce section.  With a wide variety of fresh, organic and conventional produce that looks good enough to eat right there!

This organic Honeycrisp apple was huge!

One thing (among many others) that I found to be pretty neat about The Fresh Market, was that they offer a fresh salad bar and hot bar.

The hot bar features delicious Chinese and Indian food from a local vendor as well as some comfort foods and hot soups.  We got to taste some of the delicious cuisine and they even offered to let us serve up a big plate to take home following the tour!  Dinner served!

Along with their self-serve option, their deli counter offers a wide variety of fresh, packaged salads, grab and go sandwiches and several other quick, healthy options.  The size and variety of their grab and go salads was quite impressive!  Just beyond their deli is their meat and seafood counter.  They feature fresh seafood shipped in daily from San Francisco and cut-to-order meats.  Most their beef comes from the mid-west but it is shipped to them fresh, never frozen.

One favorite area of mine in any grocery store is the cheese section.  Even though I’m not able to eat much cheese, I do like to indulge in good quality cheeses and wine on occasion.  We got to sample a few different kinds of cheeses one of which was a Parmesan cheese that had been aged for 24 months!

Called the “King of Italy” Cheese that is featured in a HUGE wheel as their main display.  They often break open these wheels and serve up samples right there in the store.  Pretty cool!

Another favorite area of mine was the bulk section.  I love the option to purchase the quantity of items that I want to rather than what is prepackaged.  Sometimes I just want to “sample” a few chocolate covered caramel corn 🙂

Along with a huge candy selection, they had a wide variety of bulk items such as quinoa, nuts, hemp seeds, etc.

They also have local honey, olive oil, and press your own nut butter!

Next up is the bakery…

This was just one of the 100’s (okay I’m exaggerating) of photos I snapped of this delicious section.  Everything looked so yummy but these cupcakes caught my eye for sure!

You can’t really tell the size of these cupcakes from the photo but I would say they are bigger than the Costco cupcakes!  I’m not normally a huge cake fan but Red Velvet cupcakes are my guilty pleasure.   Yum!

One of my favorite stops was in the wine section 🙂

The Prosecco was probably one of the best I’ve tasted in a while and at only $10.99 a bottle I will be going back to pick one up today!

They don’t have the largest alcohol selection but what they do have is craft, quality spirits.

Check out these whiskeys that are flavored by soaking the fruit in the jar that you purchase.

I was especially impressed with their “build your own 6-pack” selection.

I’m not normally a huge beer drinker but I like to sample different craft brews and never really want to commit to purchasing an entire 6-pack in fear I won’t really like the beer.  I’ve heard positives and negatives on the pumpkin ale and have been wanting to try it myself.  This is the first place I’ve seen that carries it individually so I’ll be back to pick up a mixed 6-pack!

Along with touring this amazing grocery store, we were able to sample some delicious products from local vendors along the way.

This will be a regular occurence for them as they will be featuring and sampling foods from local vendors throughout their store.  I love this as there are so many wonderful small business’ in this area with amazing products!  Way to go Fresh Market!

I was extremely impressed with The Fresh Market and all they have to offer.  They really put a lot of time and consideration in providing quality products to the consumer.  Not only do they offer wonderfully selected foods, but from what I saw they really put customer service first.  If there is a product that you would like to see, make sure to ask and they just might begin to carry it.  Have a wine in mind but can’t find it in their store?  Just ask and they’ll order it.  Want to see more local wines featured?  Just ask!  Along with customer service they are committed to being an active part of the community.  They are currently partnered with a Sacramento charity and will be donating all their foods not purchased from the deli, etc. to that charity.  Not only that but they have a long-standing partnership with Juvenile Diabetes Reasearch Foundation (JDRF) helping to support and raise money through fundraising events.

I highly recommend checking out this wonderful grocery store.  You too will be impressed with the quality foods and service!  With the grand opening this week they are offering lots of great deals and samples so be sure to stop in this week!


4 comments on “The Fresh Market Roseville

  1. oh my heavens girl.. this place looks ridiculously amazing. I think I’m inlove.. however I don’t think my wallet would be too happy lol.

  2. I know! I can’t wait to go back and shop!

  3. Great pictures – making me hungry!!

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