Random thoughts

Hi there!

Do you ever just let your mind run off on tangents for awhile?  Sometimes I’ll start thinking about one thing, and my mind will go off on random tangents until I snap back to reality.  The other day when I was frantically searching for my headband before my 10k, I started thinking about how horrible my run was going to be without it.  My ears freeze if the temperature is below 70 and feel like needles are being stabbed into them.   So needless to say I was desperate to find it.  Luckily it turned up to be nice and clean in the dryer but it made my mind wander off on one of those random thinking tangents about things I depend on.

3 workout things I can’t live without –

  • My Sweatyband (love this thing and will be ordering more!)
  • My iphone/headphones
  • My BOB

3 clothing items I can’t live without –

  • Anyone of my eh… too many to count pairs of jeans.
  • My Steve Madden camel tone boots.
  • A basic white ribbed tank top (there’s just so many ways to wear it)

3 food items I can’t live without –

Sun-dried tomato hummus, yum!

  • Vegetables, I know I’m being broad here but I seriously would starve without vegetables everyday!
  • Fruit, I can’t imagine not eating an apple ever again.  I eat one everyday!
  • Coffee, enough said.

3 baby/toddler items I can’t live without

The Love Nugget reading in his fort 🙂

  • Children’s books, my son is obsessed with books and they will keep him content in any situation right now.
  • My BOB, I know I already said it but seriously would be lost without this thing
  • Diaper Genie, don’t think I have to explain much there 🙂

3 techy things I can’t live without

  • My DSLR camera
  • My iphone
  • My laptop

Okay, so I know I probably could live without most of these things.  They are all material things that I’ve come to depend on though and would be a little lost without them.  Don’t we all have at least a few things that we “think” we can’t live without?  What are some of yours?


2 comments on “Random thoughts

  1. 3 material things for me are iphone, car keys {I’ve lost them more times than I’d like to admit}, and my laptop. I eat an apple everyday too and no doubt, it would be very difficult to live without coffee!

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