Run Day!


Hope you are all having a great weekend!  I’m up bright and early to get ready for my 10k today.  No matter what type of run I’m doing, I always make sure to get up early enough to have a cup of coffee, or two 🙂  I always eat the same pre-run breakfast.  Toast with almond butter and a banana.  Today I will also be drinking a fitmixer aminos before my run, yum!  I can’t decide if I want to bring my water bottle or skip it.  It’s colder than it has been today and having a cold water bottle attached to my hand might be a little chilly.  I also can’t decide if I want to listen to a playlist or a podcast.  Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

In case you missed it, today I’m running in the Hot Pink Fun Run to support Breast cancer research.  I chose this run to use for my Sac SoleMates charity run (that you can read about here) because proceeds benefit the Placer Breast Cancer Endowment.   This non profit organization was co-founded by a breast cancer survivor who is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer prevention, early awareness and detection.  This morning I will be running for two people in particular.  One who fought the battle against breast cancer and won, and one who is currently fighting this horrible illness  April Schroer and Denyse DesJardin this ones for you!

As I mentioned, I have been raising money for Sac SoleMates the past couple of months.  The other day I received this email from the SoleMates coordinator,

“Good luck in the “Hot Pink Fun Run” on Sunday! Sounds like it’ll be a fun one
for sure. You are our top SoleMate fundraiser since our local chapter took over
the SoleMates program at the local level! Very exciting :). As a reminder, you
have until 30 days after your race to complete your fundraising, but $660 is
phenomenal and will sponsor at least 5 girls to participate in Girls on the Run!”

Wow!  Huge thank you to all who donated to this wonderful organization.  I am so grateful for the amazing generosity of others in supporting a cause that is dear to my heart.  THANK YOU!





3 comments on “Run Day!

  1. I hope your race went well! I love the 10K distance. I always eat the same pre race meal, too! A LUNA bar and a banana. Best to stick with what you know works well! Also, I’m trying your greek yogurt dip later 🙂

    • Thank you! I hope you like the greek yogurt dip! I make it all the time for the Love Nugget and I. We love it! I made it the other night and added a little pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice. It was pretty good!

      • Good idea! I’ll have to try that. I just opened a can of pumpkin puree, so I’m trying to use it in everything. I’m thinking overnight oats sound great for tomorrow!

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