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Apple Hill Fun!

Happy Friday folks!

Hope you all had a great week!

We had such a fun day yesterday with my cousin, Auntie Gigi and the Love Nugget.

She took the day off work so we could go up to Apple Hill.  It’s an area where there are tons of apple orchards, pumpkins, baked goods, fun stuff for the kiddos and wineries.  We go every year but it gets so crazy on the weekends that we decided to head up on a weekday and beat the crowd.  So glad we did because it was so much better and the fall colors were beautiful!

Like I said, we go up every year but even so, I haven’t been to all the farms/orchards.  So we asked an expert at our first stop where we should make sure to stop at.  Our first stop just happened to be a winery that is newer to the region and had some really tasty vino!  It also had a gorgeous patio where the Love Nugget found a little pumpkin to hold on to while we enjoyed a few tastes of wine.

We were directed to a few apple stands with some yummy baked goods and TONS of freshly picked apples.

We also stopped at a farm that had a petting zoo.  The Love Nugget loves to see the animals but is usually a little standoffish.

Today he started away from the fence and slowly warmed up getting closer and closer.  The whole time he was laughing and talking to all the little goats.  There were holes in the fence so the goats could poke their heads through to get food.  This one stuck his head through right in the Nugget’s face!

He thought it was pretty funny!  Aren’t their eyes creepy?  They weird me out!  For some reason the hubby wants to own a goat.  A pigmy goat and he wants to name it Robert.  Weird right?  I’m totally against it until we live on a farm and let’s get real folks, that’s not going to happen anytime soon so no Robert the goat around here!

Back to the fun.  We didn’t buy any food because I didn’t think the Love Nugget would be interested in feeding them.  However, there was a family with a little boy a little older than the Nugget feeding the goats and showing the Nugget how to do it.  They were nice enough to share with him and after he tried to eat it (yuck!)  he handed it to the goat.

So cute!  They gave us the rest of their food since they were leaving so the Love Nugget fed the goats a some more and loved it!  Then I tried to give one of the goats that wasn’t getting much some food out of the cup and it stole my cup!


After the goats we went and got some lunch at a little bistro called Crystal Basin Bistro.  I had heard good things about it but unfortunately those good things were not so.  I know, I know, I’m picky and hard to please at restaurants but seriously, we ordered a hummus plate that was supposed to come with all sorts of veggies and it came with hummus, pitas, 1/2 an avocado, a few slices of red pepper and red onions.  We also ordered what was supposed to be a wasabi shrimp won ton dish but ended up to be overcooked shrimp on top of mayonnaise packed cole slaw.  No thank you!

Luckily I had a Quest bar in the car that we snacked on while driving home.

Last night I whipped up a yummy dinner that was so quick and easy!

Sorry for the horrible picture!  The lighting in our dining room is so awful!

It was a baked chicken parmesan that was super yummy and really simple.  All I did was pound out a few organic chicken breasts, topped them with some marinera sauce, popped them in the oven at 350 to bake for 25 minutes.  Then I added a few slices of fresh mozzarella and baked them for about 7-10 minutes more.  I served mine over some sautéed kale with baked balsamic asparagus.  The hubby ate his over quinoa.

Notice how the ends are all cut off the asparagus?  He only eats the tops.  Even with the ends off this serving, he still cut off the top!

After dinner I warmed up a little treat I brought home for the hubby.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t little….

Seriously this thing was huge!  I wish I would have snapped a picture once I cut it in half because it was stuffed with a whole apple that was filled with a gooey cinnamon sugar sauce.  Ummm… sugar overload!  I love pie crust and enjoyed a few bites myself.  It was quite tasty but holy stomach ache!

It might have been a combination of the apple dumpling and allergies but I was not feeling well last night.  I went to bed fairly early but could not sleep.  I postponed my early workout this morning and slept in for a little bit.  Luckily I woke up feeling much better but ugh, I hate feeling icky!  I almost thought I was getting sick but I think it passed.  Good thing since I’ve got a 10k on Sunday!

Stay tuned for Fitness Friday a little later on today!  Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win an awesome Sweatyband, and on this post for a chance to win some hot pink shoelaces!


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  1. I like the little treat. Looks good enough to eat!

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