Fun with the Love Nugget!

Hi there!

I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately but I LOVE FALL!  Today was the perfect fall day.  Even though the sun was hiding, there was no wind and the cool, crisp temperature was a comfortable change.  It made me want to make soups… cookies… breads… comfort food, yum!  So I decided to get some meal planning done while I had all these visions of foods in my head.  As I sat down to write out my list, I decided to check the weather.

Really?  Back up to 80’s and 90’s?   Ugh!  I was loving the 70’s this week.

Remember last Sunday when I posted a list of fun things I wanted to do with the Love Nugget this week?  Well, we didn’t exactly do everything on the list but we did do some pretty fun things!

Monday we painted his pumpkin and played with pumpkin play dough,

Tuesday we went to the park with Melissa and then spent the afternoon playing outside.

Wednesday we made cotton ball ghosts and collected leaves with the hubby and the White Coyote.

Thursday we went to the park to play with a friend, then had a play date at home with another friend 🙂

Friday we used the leaves we collected to make a leaf wreath.

First we colored a cut paper plate brown…

Then we slathered it with watered down glue…

Then we stuck the leaves all around the plate…

When we got tired of doing that, we tried to eat the crayons.

Our finished product.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing around, cuddled up reading books and baking cookies 🙂

The hubby had to work late so we baked him some pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies.

They turned out pretty good but again, I forgot to write down the recipe.   I’ll be making them a second time though!

Today we are going to run a few errands, maybe go for a run, then enjoy a nice relaxing evening at home with a bottle of wine and a movie 🙂

Hope you have a great Saturday!


3 comments on “Fun with the Love Nugget!

  1. “When we got tired of that, we tried to eat the crayons” hahaha that made me laugh!! He is SO CUTE, girl! And I love the fall leaves wreath- such a cute idea! I’m saving that one for when I have kiddos! 🙂

    Happy Weekend, yay!


  2. It’s so cute you’re calling your little one Love Nugget! The two of you seem to have had such a lot of fun this week. The leaf wreath looks great! I need to start decorating my flat, too.

    • Thanks! He is my little special guy! He was such a little peanut when he was younger that I just started calling him my love nugget and it stuck. Funny how we come up with little nicknames for our loves 🙂

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