Fitness Friday

Happy Fitness Friday!

Hope you all had a great week!

Anyone else a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan?  I was so disappointed with last nights premiere!  Really!?!  They killed of Mark?  Ugh!

On to more important things… As most of you know I’m currently participating in the Fitmixer Bootcamp program.  I wanted to give you all a little rundown of what the program entails and how I’ve been progressing.  Before the program began, we were sent a wonderful package of goodies.

Included in this wonderful package was a large bag of vanilla protein, a large bag of fitmixer chocolate slim, grape aminos, fruit punch aminos and a mixer ball cup.

Each night we are emailed an at home workout for the following day.  Each workout is about 30 minutes with a warm up and cool down.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  The workouts include a variety of strength and cardio exercises that really push you.  Like I mentioned yesterday, the dive bombers were killer!  Another one that I really struggled with but pushed me hard were handstand kick ups.  So hard!

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On Sunday we are emailed a meal plan for the week.  The weekly meal plans are usually the same meals, just rotated but on the website there is an abundance of resources to make substitutions.  We are also given a daily calorie limit which we keep track of on Myfitnesspal.com.    This has been a hard task for me because it’s somewhat time-consuming.  Although once you’ve entered a food it’s saved in your app so if you eat the same meals in rotation it’s a little easier.  I really like the app though as you can find just about any food as well as scan bar codes and enter in your exercise too!

Along with the supplements, workouts, and meal plans, Fitmixer offers a huge amount of support and encouragement.  There is a weekly podcast put on by the fitness expert and dietician that is always encouraging and motivational.  They really make and emphasis on getting healthy for all the right reasons.

So far I’m really enjoying this program!  As I’ve mentioned before, I do add in more cardio and gym classes, but that’s just me 🙂  When I started this program I updated my weight and measurements on myfitnesspal.com.  I knew going in that I didn’t really need to lose a lot of weight, just tone up and maybe lose a few inches.  As of today, I’ve lost 2 pounds, an inch and a half around my hips, an inch around my waist, and a half an inch around my thighs!  Not too bad for three weeks and I’ve still got 6 more to go!

Now, on to this weeks workouts.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 6 mile run

Monday – Fitmixer bootcamp workout

Tuesday – Fitmixer bootcamp workout + 4 mile run

Wednesday – Fitmixer bootcamp workout + 30 minute elliptical

Thursday – Fitmixer bootcamp workout + 5.5 mile run

Friday – Fitmixer bootcamp workout 2 times

On top of doing pretty good with exercising this week.  I was much better with tracking my meals.  Last Sunday rather than just plan dinners for us, I planned out my breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks.

Even though I jumped around a bit, it helped to have a general idea of exactly what I was going to eat for the day.  Otherwise, I’ll stand in the fridge for ever trying to decide what I’m in the mood for and end up snacking rather than eating a full meal.

Any fun plans this weekend?  We are planning to visit some family, hopefully.  The Love Nugget still has a little cold so I’m waiting to see how he feels this morning.  Nothing worse than traveling with a sick baby!

Hope you all have a fun weekend!


Do you plan out your meals for the week?  Do you plan out your workouts?


2 comments on “Fitness Friday

  1. Great job on doing better w/ your workouts & meal planning girl. I always plan both our meals & workouts for the day. It just makes life that much easier 🙂

  2. Congrats on your success so far!
    I plan workouts and meals for the week.

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