Sacramento Blogger Meetup

Hi there!

This weekend is the beginning of all and I couldn’t be more excited!  Today the Love Nugget and I went for a run at 12:00!  That was unheard of due to the heat about a week ago!

Last night I attended my first blogger event.  Sacramento Bloggers held it’s very first Blogger Mixer at Le Rivage Hotel in Sacramento.

Le Rivage, Sacramento

Photo courtesy of Sacramento Bloggers

I have to admit, I was actually a little nervous about attending.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and was worried about lack of knowledge and experience in the blogger world.  None the less, I got all gussied up and made the 30 minute trek to the party.  Upon arrival, we were greeted with our choice of a signature cocktail called The Writer’s Block, red or white wine.  I tried the cocktail and it was pretty tasty!  There was also a beautiful spread of food layed out for us to munch on.

Unfortunately I got so caught up in talking that I didn’t get a chance to try anything besides a bread stick.  It was a good breadstick though!

Since I arrived right on time, there weren’t a ton of people there yet.  So we were given the option to take a tour of the presidential suite with a great view of the sunset.

While in the room we were told about some of the famous folks who have stayed in that room.  Brittany Spears, Natalie Cole and Prince were among the few listed.  Evidentially, the hotel is one of the few around that have a private drive which makes it hard for paparazzi to get photos of any guests.

Following the tour we headed back downstairs to mingle and enjoy the pleasant weather outdoors.  I met so many amazing people and heard about some wonderful blogs!

This adorable couple got married a year ago and recently quit their jobs to become full-time bloggers.

How cute is that!  They actually run a few blogs that are very much worth checking out.  Look Before Spending (http://lookbeforespending.com/) is a great website for anyone looking to save some money.  From magazine subscription deals to free make-up they find it all!  Another of their websites, Look Before Drinking (http://lookbeforedrinking.com/), has updated deals to help you get your drink on!  Katie Michelle (http://katiehaakens.blogspot.com/) is an adorable blog with TONS of fashion tips.  She’s super cute and has great style!  Anyways, check out all of their sites, I guarantee you’ll find something useful on them!

I also met another cute little fashionista named Andrea.

Her blog is called Tickled Pink (http://missandrealee.blogspot.com/) and is all about life and fashion.  She seriously loves fashion and mosts of her posts include complete outfit details which I love!

I met many more wonderful bloggers but didn’t want to continue busting out my paparazzi camera to snap photos.  Although it was a first being in a group where I wasn’t the only one with my ginormous camera shooting away!  Loved it!

I had such a great time and really enjoyed meeting some other local bloggers.  I also learned a few things which was one of my main goals for attending.  I’m really glad I went despite feeling a little uneasy about it.  Can’t wait for the next one!


11 comments on “Sacramento Blogger Meetup

  1. What a fun blogger meet up. All of you girls are stunning! Glad you had such a wonderful time ❤

  2. Loved meeting you! What a great recap of the night! It was such a fun time, and you are a doll! I’m going to have to steal these pictures, missy! 🙂

  3. How fun!!! I need to find something like this around my area!!!!

  4. It was so great meeting you as well 🙂 and thanks for saying such nice things about me! I’m really excited to start trying out some of your recipes too!

  5. How did you find this? I’d love to come to the next one!

  6. I’m so glad you had a good time, met some amazing bloggers, and got something out of the night. Your pictures of the food are SOO much better than mine. And your sunset pic is awesome! I hope I get a chance to actually chat with you next time, though!

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