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Hey there!
I literally just typed up an entire post, hit publish and… gone!  Grrr…

Let’s try this again.  How was your weekend!

Our Sunday’s lately revolve around a little thing called football!

The hubby is a die hard Detroit Lions fan so our Sunday plans are timed around when his game is on.  Sometimes he’ll record it if we have something going on but for the most part he needs to be home to watch his team.

You should have seen how happy the hubby was when I brought the Love Nugget out in his Lion’s gear.  Cute 🙂

Today the Lion’s game wasn’t until later this afternoon so we had the whole day for family time.  After a yummy breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, we took the boys for a nice 3 mile walk.

Then we came home to pack up lunch, change then head out to Ikea.  I wanted to check out their bedding for the guest room as well as a few other things.  That store is so confusing and overwhelming!  I hate love it!  We did end up finding some bedding and drapes so at least it was a worth while trip.

After our Ikea adventures we decided to take the Love Nugget to Funderland.  It’s a little amusement park that’s catered to small children.  They only have about 7-8 rides that toddlers can enjoy.  Before Funderland, we had a little picnic in the park across the street.

Then we headed into Funderland for some fun!

We started off by sticking the Love Nugget onto a fish ride that he could go on by himself.

We thought he would love it but as soon as the ride started, he was hysterical!   When we pulled him off he just kept shaking his head no, no, no.  Poor guy.  Following the fishes, the hubby took him on the train which calmed him down and he enjoyed the rest of his rides.  He went on a car ride with dadda,

Looking cool in dads shades 🙂

Then they went on the carousel,

After that, the hubby suggested I take him on the airplane ride.

Ummm… this ride was scary!  It went really fast and tilted outwards so the Love Nugget was leaning out!

You can kind of see on my face how nervous I was.  I’m holding onto my Love Nugget for dear life!  Of coarse he was strapped in too but… yikes!

Despite my anxiousness on the plane ride and the Love Nugget’s tramatizing fish ride, we had a lot of fun!  We’ll take him back again for sure.

The Love Nugget was pretty exhausted after the park so we headed home.  I got some stuff prepped for the week and the hubby got amped up for his football game.  I also did a little bit of meal planning but nothing too exciting.  I actually switched things up and had the dinner I planned for tomorrow, tonight.  The hubby was having burgers and I wasn’t in the mood for a veggie burger.  So I made this yummy bowl of goodness,

I used this recipe that I saw on Eating Bird Food but changed just a few things.  I added pre-cooked lentils to the quinoa, broccoli slaw, and used garlic powder, ground ginger, and honey in the peanut sauce.  It was really good and filling.

Now I’m off to finish meal planning then head to bed.  Up early for fitmixer bootcamp day 8!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Marvelous in My Monday!



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