Wine Swap Party

Happy almost Friday!I was a little tired today after the wine swap party last night.  Stayed up way past my bedtime.  11:00, I’m so old!  I saw a pin a few months ago on Pinterest for a wine swap party.  It was on my summer bucket list but with busy schedules and what not I just now got around to hosting it.  I sent out invites a few weeks ago telling everyone to bring two bottles of the same wine, an appetizer that goes with the wine and the recipe for the appetizer on a recipe card.

I made an apple, walnut and gorgonzola crostata from my Giada cookbook that is always a hit.  The only problem, it was a long recipe so I had to use three cards and tie them together.  At least it looked cute!

I set up the table with a simple center piece using three different sized wine glasses, fake flowers and candles.  I wanted to get fresh flowers but just didn’t have time.  Good thing I had these ones on hand for the bridal shower next weekend.

I added a few smaller candles around as well.

I have these neat wine glass pens so I wrote everyone’s name on their glass.  I liked it so much more than the wine charms.

Also at each place setting was a wine tasting card where we could keep track of the wine name, winery, vintage, rating and any other comments.

The completed table setting looks as if it was crowded but it wasn’t.

I set up a separate table for the appetizers and recipe cards along with some zinfandel cupcakes I made.

Gorgonzola, apple and walnut crostata

I had one more table that I used for the wine, water and some little party favors I put together.

The gift bags included just a few goodies for the girls to take home 🙂

We had a great group of girls and tasted six different wines and lots of yummy appetizers.

As it got darker I quit taking pictures of the food so just a few shots.

Ahi tuna won ton cups

Cucumbers stuffed with spicy crab mix

Mediterranean hummus with cream cheese

It just so happened that we each brought a different type of wine to try so we didn’t have doubles of any varietal.

After sampling each wine, we drew numbers out of a box to see who would get to choose their wine first.  If you were number 1 (which was me), you picked what wine you wanted but someone else could steal if from you.  I chose a Semillion that I really liked and was happy that no one stole it from me!

Everyone had such a fun time and like I said we stayed up much later than normal just talking, drinking wine and hanging out.  Such a fun girls night!  We even discussed making it a monthly get together.  Can’t wait for the next one!

QUESTION – Have you ever been to a wine swap party?


5 comments on “Wine Swap Party

  1. Wow, I’m impressed by your party planning skills. This looks so nice!

    I have never been to a wine swap party

  2. You did an amazing job! Everything looks so beautiful and organized! 🙂 WOW!

  3. That’s looks really fun for a ladies night!

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