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DIY Family Board Book

Good morning!

Hope you all had a marvelous Monday yesterday!  I’m up bright and early to complete day two of my fitmixer workouts so I can squeeze in some cardio time later amongst the million other things I need to get done.  Busy, busy around here!  Today I’m linking up with Calee over at Life and Running for what she calls Tuesday Tutes and Loot.

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It’s a fun linkup where people can post tutorials (tutes) or giveaways (loot).

Today I’m posting a tutorial for a super easy DIY family board book for your little one.  Seriously, so easy!

DIY Family Board Book

Okay, I know you can make these on Shutterfly or Costco.com but this was pretty easy and I think it’s much cuter than those 🙂

To begin with, I found one of the Love Nugget’s old board books that he had town all the flaps out of.

I found some cute scrap paper to use, cut it to fit (but not perfectly, you can finish cutting after it’s glued on) and got started by modge podging one page at a time then covering it with the paper.

Since the edges of this particular book were rounded, I didn’t cut the scrap paper exact so that I could cut it after it was glued on.  To do this, I folded it over the edge creating a crease.  Then I took an razor blade and cut around the edge.  It wasn’t perfect but close enough.

Once I had all the pages on, I used some sandpaper to lightly sand down the edges and clean it up a little.  Then I chose some family pictures and typed up names (labels) for each picture/page.

I chose pictures of family and a few friends that I wanted him to recognize and learn to name.

I mounted each picture and label onto a matching piece of scrapbook paper then glued them to each page.  For the glue I used a craft glue that I think works the best but you can use whatever here.  Modge podge would work good too.

He loves this book!  He was so excited to open it and see not only himself but pictures of his family.  So fun!  I haven’t decided if I’m going to seal it with a coat of modge podge or not… any thoughts?


One comment on “DIY Family Board Book

  1. That is absolutely adorable!!! What a great way to repurpose!

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