Fitness Friday #5


Am I dating myself with this picture and the fact that I can almost recall all the theme songs for these shows?

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I’m sure you all spent many Friday nights watching “TGIF” shows 🙂

Let’s get right into Friday Fitness for this week.  I feel pretty accomplished with my workouts this week.  I am loving getting back into strength training and have been setting weekly goals to complete at least 16 push-ups every night, 25 squats a day and a 1 minute plank each day.  I’ve been doing great!  Each night before I go to bed I complete all three of these on top of whatever workout I’ve done for the day.  It’s important to set little goals for yourself whether they be walking a few miles each week to competing a half marathon.  I love the feeling of accomplishment once I’ve met my goals no matter how small they might be!  Plus, if you’ve got kiddos, it’s a great example to set for them 🙂

Now onto my workouts for this past week.

Saturday – Boot camp at Brick House Built – Total Body

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 15 min abs, spin class

Tuesday – Run 2.5 miles, boot camp class

Wednesday – Spin and PiYo

Thursday – Run outside 5 miles, 30 minute circuit workout with weights

Friday – Peanut Butter Fingers Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Circuit Workout + running

circuit workout

I wanted to run this morning as well so I added it to this workout. I began with a 5 minute warm up run at a 10 minute pace. Then I completed the each circuit as instructed but between I ran on the treadmill for 7 minutes. Then I finished up with a 5 minute cool down run. It ended up being a total of 4 miles and a little over an hour.

I’d have to say my favorite workout this week was todays circuit + run workout. I love the combo of running with circuit training in one workout.

Last night I met my cousin for a wine class at Total Wine and Beverage.  This class focused on wines of Tuscany.  While I haven’t been to Tuscany (we were so close in Pisa but just didn’t make it), I have been to Italy and loved their wines.  So needless to say I was really looking forward to this class.

It was a lot of Chianti’s and Sangiovese which I’m not huge fans of, but they were still good.  Of coarse my favorite of the night was the most expensive so I just enjoyed my tastes 🙂  I’ve taken a few of these classes now and their very informative and fun!  After the class we were browsing the store and ran into this guy trying to steal a keg!

Just kidding!  He was fake but he looked very real and startled me a little!

Today the Love Nugget and I made a trip to Target after breakfast and are now home for the rest of the day.  Maybe I’ll be productive and get some Bridal Shower stuff done?  Maybe 🙂

The hubby is off playing golf today with clients (tough job), and won’t be home until later.  Then he is getting some quality time with the Love Nugget in the morning while I got to a wine and yoga event at Don del Cielo.  Looking forward to it!

QUESTIONS – What was your favorite workout this week?  Do yo have any fun plans for the weekend?


2 comments on “Fitness Friday #5

  1. New follower here 🙂 Love the can’t stop won’t stop circuit!

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