Candle Addiction

Hi there!

Hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a great start!

Yesterday I took a break from getting things done around the house and ventured to the mall.  I had planned to only pop into GNC for Quest bars.  That plan changed when I saw Bath and Body was having their 2 for $20 candle sale.

Couldn’t pass that up!  Because I don’t have enough already…

Not counting the one in every room and the few stacked behind these.  I don’t have a problem 😉

I also stopped into Macy’s to use the restroom and the elevator and happened to pass a pair of Paige skinny jeans that were on sale.  Darn Paige jeans!

After all our shopping, the Love Nugget was dying to get out of his stroller so we made a stop at the money machines (what do you call these things?).  He wanted in the car so I put in the money but nothing happened.  I noticed a sign that said 3 years + but wasn’t sure why since all it seemed to do was sit.  Then it jerked to life and tilted back and forth pretty quickly!  The Love Nugget was a little taken back but finally figured out how to grab the wheel and hold on!

When we got home I realized I forgot to take out what we needed for dinner.  So we decided to go out for a change.  We don’t go out very often because I’m pretty picky with my food and there aren’t that many fresh choices in our area.  So we usually end up at sushi which is what we chose today.  Surprise!  I got a Aerojet roll that had fresh fish and avocado then was wrapped with cucumber.  Yum!  We also shared an order of calamari and the hubby had a roll as well (it hadn’t come yet when I snapped the pic).

It was a nice night to be out and about.  Glad I forgot about dinner!

This morning I woke up early and couldn’t sleep.  I was planning to go to a boot camp at Brick House Built anyways so I just got up earlier than was hoping too.  Oh well.  Boot camp was okay, total body today but was mainly push-ups, biceps, squat jumps and sprinting.  Somethings better than nothing!  After I met the hubby and the Love Nugget at the farmer’s market.

Where we scored some yummy fresh produce and these beauties to brighten my day a little 🙂

This afternoon we are going to a birthday party then off to visit family for the day tomorrow.   Looking forward to some quality time with my Grandparents 🙂

Have a great weekend!

QUESTION – Are you an impulse shopper?


2 comments on “Candle Addiction

  1. Have a wonderful time visiting family this weekend hunnie xo.

  2. I have so many candles from Bath and Body Works, I love them! Those flowers are gorgeous 🙂

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