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Things I do daily

Woo hoo it’s almost Friday!

I’m sure some people are more excited than I am since they’ve been at work all week.  Although this week I feel like I was working overtime!  The Love Nugget is just full of energy lately and keeping me busy for sure!  Thinking it’s time to get him back into gymnastics…

Today I decided we would go for a nice long run.  I was thinking maybe a good 5 or 6 miles with a stop by the park.  Well, for some reason I was a ball of energy and ran for 9 miles!  Straight!  When we got to our street I was at 8.69 and decided to keep going to finish up the 9.  AND… I could have kept going.  Guess I was in the mood to run.  It might have helped that the weather was very mild with a nice cool breeze.  Man it felt good!

I wanted to get some major cleaning and painting done today but instead I spent a good chunk of time on Pinterest.  Then finished up the Bridal Shower invites I’ve been working on.  They finally got mailed today!  The Love Nugget woke up from his nap much earlier than expected which put a damper in my painting plans.

We had lunch and while we were eating I got to thinking about routines and things I/we do daily.  I thought it would be fun to share a few and hopefully see what some of you do daily as well.

I’m a morning person, so I don’t mind waking up early and enjoying some quite time with my daily cup of coffee.  I always have at least one cup of coffee with either coconut milk or almond milk with a packet of stevia.

(That would be nice if that’s what my daily coffee looks like but alas… it’s not.)

Every day I eat breakfast.  It drives me crazy when I hear that some people don’t.  It’s no joke when people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

                   Smoothie in a bowl topped with granola

I take my vitamins every morning after breakfast.  I’ve learned my lesson to take them on a full stomach otherwise it’s no bueno 😦

I do some form of exercise every day.  At least 5 days a week I do cardio and strength but everyday I do something, walking, push ups, sit-ups, stretching.  Anything that gets my blood flowing!

Pinned ImageSource

I kiss my husband everyday and tell him that I love him.  Every morning before he leaves, every day when he gets home, and every night before going to bed we give a little love 🙂

This may surprise some of you who think I don’t eat ANY sugar but… every day I eat a little something sweet.  Now, this something might be sugar-free, or fruit, but I eat a sweet treat everyday.  More often than not, that sweet thing might be dark chocolate… just saying 😉

One more thing… everyday I spend as much time possible with this little guy.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their whole day with that face!?!

Just a few things I do daily.  I know, not really all that exciting but oh well!

QUESTION – What things do you do daily?



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