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Revisiting the Bucket List

So a few months ago I created a summer bucket list and posted about it.  The other day as I was jogging,  I noticed that school is back in session!   Holy cow!  That means summer is close to being over.  So I figured I should revisit my bucket list and see how I’m doing.

             1. Cook and eat outdoors as often as possible –


We were doing pretty good with this until the temperatures started reaching over 100 degrees and it hasn’t been cooling down until after dark.

           2.  Go hiking – So far I get a big fail for this one.  We have yet to go hiking partially due to the heat and partially no excuse 😦

           3. Go to the lake –

While we haven’t gone to a lake as a family close by, we did make a trip to Lake Almanor with some friends a few months back.  So that counts!

            4. Travel –

I’d say we’ve done okay with this.  We just returned from Healdsburg and made it to Mexico and Fort Bragg this summer.  Not too bad but I’d love to plan a family getaway before fall arrives.

             5. Finish a half marathon with my hubby –

Did this just last weekend and it was awesome!  So proud of him!

             6. Try out a new recipe every week – I’d love to say I’ve been on top of this but I haven’t.  While I do cook new things each week, they are recipes that I make up as I go and usually pretty boring.  During the summer I feel like we just grill and do salads more than usual.  So maybe once fall arrives I’ll get back into cooking new things.

7. Craft –

I’ve done some…

              8. Take time to visit family – 

We need to do this more.  We had a great family trip to Fort Bragg but other than that we haven’t been doing that well with this goal.

               9. Host a wine swap party – I started an evite… but this was a great reminder to finish and send it!

10. Have more date nights out and at home –

We’ve had a few really nice date nights at home and a few out and about.  It’s hard to do with the Love Nugget but this is one thing that we do try to keep up on 🙂

            11. Pick berries and make jam –

DSC_0747 (800x529)

            Did this!  We had fun and it turned out great!  I would love to do some more actually.

            12.  Make homemade pasta sauce to freeze or can – This year seems like it’s been a late season for tomatoes.  The few plants that we planted haven’t really produced much but I’ll be hitting up the farmers market next week so this could happen…

           13. Play outside –

DSC_0753 (800x531)

We do this a lot as long as it’s not over 95 -100 degrees.  Even when playing in the water it is just too darn hot for my little Love Nugget!

             14.  Go to the mountains –

We made it to Lake Almanor which is moutainy but other than that we haven’t gone.  Would love to make a little trip up to Tahoe though 🙂

              15. Try a Crossfit workout – Still have yet to do this.

So, I still have a few items on my bucket list I would like to complete before summer is officially over.  Not too bad!

QUESTION – Do you have a summer bucket list?



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