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Oh Pinterest…

Happy almost Friday!

This week has flown by for us.  Again with the whole returning from vacation on a Monday thing.  Kind of like it that way.

Last night I went and tried out a new boot camp.  A few weeks ago I bought an Amazon Local deal for boot camp facility that just opened up.  A friend of mine bought it as well so we went to the 6:00 class to give it a go.  The class duration was scheduled to be 45 minutes and began with a pretty good warm up.  Then we moved on to a few different stations that focused on arms.  Basically the entire nights workout focused on arms and after the class we learned that each day focus’ on a different body part except for Saturday’s which are full body.  It felt good to get in some good arm work but I was a little disappointed with the duration of the class.  Like I said we were told it was 45 minutes so I figured we would work hard for 45 minutes then stretch after.  We our workout right at 30 minutes then stretched for 10 minutes.  That was it!  I enjoyed the workout and getting to hang out with my friend but I wouldn’t pay more than what I paid for the deal.

I came home and the hubby had the Love Nugget fed, cleaned and in bed.  So we ate a really boring dinner of roasted veggies for me and a turkey burger for the hubby.  I need to get back into meal planning!

Today I have a little surgery thing to get a mole removed from my knee.  Unfortunately I’ll be getting a few  stitches and won’t be able to really do much working out for a few days.  Pretty bummed about that but what can you do… So I got up early and headed to spin class even though I’m not a huge fan of the instructor.  I heard that he had gotten better but was disappointed to see that his class was pretty much the same as I had remembered.  So after 45 minutes I decided to leave and get in some ab work.

After the gym I came home and refueled with a bowl of overnight oats made with PB2 and chia seeds.  Yum!

The Love Nugget had a yummy breakfast too of scrambled eggs with turkey and black beans, bananas, blueberries and a pancake.


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I LOVE planning parties so I’m pretty excited to be throwing her a shower.  It’s coming up so soon though so I really need to start making some of these great ideas rather than searching for more!






One comment on “Oh Pinterest…

  1. Hope your little surgery goes well. Sorry about both classes you took.. at least you gave them both a shot 🙂

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