Happy Guy!

Hi folks!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

It was so great to be home again with my little Love Nugget!

He seems pretty happy to have us home as well.  Although he has been a little crazy the past few days.  I think being after being around his older cousins he has come out of his shell a little more.  Not that he was quiet or shy before by any means but man, he’s had some crazy energy lately!

This morning I was super excited to have a bowl full of Chocolate Covered Cherry Green smoothie topped with granola.


After breakfast, we went to the gym.  I have been DYING to get back into the gym to do boot camp, spinning, and strength training.  Now that we’ve finished our half marathon, I can do that!  Woo hoo!

So I dropped off the Love Nugget at the daycare and headed to boot camp.  It felt good to do some squats, lunges and burpees.  I know, I’m weird but I love it!

After boot camp, I still wanted to get in some more cardio so we stopped into the store to buy batteries for the elliptical.  The Love Nugget got a little snack while we shopped and was as happy as could be.

He went straight to bed when we came home and slept away while I sweat some more on the elliptical.  Some one else was really tired today too…

The White Coyote’s cousin (grammies dog), was here this weekend too and they wore each other out!

I had an apt today so as soon as the Love Nugget woke up we had to leave for that.  Immediately following my doctors apt. we had to race to the hubby’s work to switch cars so he could take the Love Nugget home while I went to get my hair done.  The Love Nugget must have been really tired of being in the stroller/car seat because the hubby said he had a crazy amount of energy when they got home.

When I got home I cooked up a fast, meatless meal that I had seen over on Run Eat Repeat.  Tofu tacos that turned out pretty good!

I added black beans and zucchini to Monica’s recipe at Run Eat Repeat.  I also topped them with chopped tomatoes mixed with lime juice, cilantro, cumin and a dash of sea salt.

I didn’t think the hubby would really like them but he said they were good!  I love it when I make a meatless meal that he likes.  Just means I can make it again without complaints 🙂

Time to catch up on some reading.

Have a good night!



2 comments on “Happy Guy!

  1. What a busy day! Great job for getting in all of that exercise. Your awesome!! Oh & can I just tell you I love little nuggets shirt w/ the fake tie! Soo adorable 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’m on a mission to get back into shape after only running for a few months so LOTS of exercise around here!

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