Half Marathon Weekend

Hey guys!

It’s been too long!  We’ve been gone all weekend on a trip to Healdsburg for our Water to Wine half marathon.  It was an awesome weekend with some great friends and good wine 🙂

We left early Saturday morning and arrived a few hours later in Healdsburg where we picked up our race packet and grabbed some lunch at Bear Republic Brewery.  Then we made our way to our rental house to relax for the rest of the afternoon/evening.  I like to rent houses through VRBO and have always had pretty good luck.  We rented a cute house on Chalk Hill Mt. about 15 minutes outside of town.  It was adorable and so peaceful.

We relaxed outdoors (once it had cooled down a little), then enjoyed a yummy dinner of ginger orange soy salmon, coconut sweet potato fries, quinoa salad, watermelon and bread (carb load for running!).

Since we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn, we all hit the sack pretty early.  Luckily, I got a pretty good night sleep and we were up at 4:50 to pound some coffee, bananas, and nut butter before taking off for the start.

It was probably the smallest race I’ve run with only 787 people but we didn’t make it to the front of the crowd.  Which didn’t help our start time at all.  Oh well.  My only goal for this race was to beat my previous race time of 2:05.   I also wanted to finish with the hubby since it was his first race and I’ve been trying to get him to run one forever.  Even though there were times I really wanted to take off and try to PR (personal record), I stuck with the hubby and we crossed the finish line together after 1 hour and 55 minutes.  I was pretty proud of him!

I am also really proud of my two best friends from high school who had never ran a half marathon before either.  They did an awesome job and I hope they’ll want to do another one sometime.

After the race we went back to the house to shower and grab a quick bite before heading out to do some wine tasting.

We went to some gorgeous wineries and drank some delicious wine.

Then we went to the town square to replace some of the 1500+ calories we burned on our run.

An adorable little cupcake bakery 🙂

We ordered 5 different flavors so we could taste a little of each.

As much as I wanted to overindulge in an entire cupcake, my stomach couldn’t handle all the sugar.  What I tasted was quite delicious though!

We wandered around the town square a little more stopping at a few more tasting shops before eventually grabbing some dinner then heading home.  We were exhausted from a VERY long day.

This morning we woke up nice and rested.  We stopped at one more winery

before making our way to Russian River Brewery.

I’m not a big beer person but the hubby and I shared a sampler with some tastes of their beers.  They were pretty good.  We made one more stop in Sonoma for lunch before heading home to the Love Nugget!

Some how while we were gone he turned into this little boy!  So much bigger!  He was happy to see us and even gave me a few real hugs.  He never does that!  While we were gone my Sister in law brought her two kids down to spend a few days with Grammie and the Love Nugget.  They went on a little excursion to the Sacramento zoo and had a great time.

Wish we could have gone too but I’m so glad that the Love Nugget got to spend some time with his cousins, Auntie and Grammie!

It’s so nice to be home but we’re jumping into a crazy week with a few appointments, grocery shopping, and lots of laundry!  Oh not to mention it’s going to be over 100 degrees all week.  Ugh!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

QUESTION ~ Have you ever ran a half marathon?


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  1. Just found your blog today, stopping by to say hi 🙂

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