Early Bird Gets the Worm

Good morning!

Happy weekend to you all.  I’m up pretty early this morning to prep a marinade for dinner tonight, and to finish packing before we hit the road this morning.  We have to get to the packet pick up right at 12:00 to get a shuttle pass.  It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Healdsburg but knowing me I’ll have to stop at Starbucks for restrooms and refreshments 🙂

I’m normally a morning person.  I naturally wake up around 6:00 and enjoy the quite time, drinking my coffee and reading blogs I follow before the hubby and the Love Nugget wake up.  The hubby is NOT a morning person.  He will stay in bed as long as possible before he has to get up to go to work or start the day.   This is a problem when we are trying to get out of the house early.  However, he’s learned over the years if he doesn’t want to see crazy me getting frantic and stressed about leaving on time (I HATE being late), he had better get his butt moving.  So hopefully today will be one of those days 🙂

Last night we had a very nice little date night.

The hubby had a work event that just so happened to be a BBQ in the Vineyards/awards ceremony.  Wine tasting, food, beer sampling and yummy desserts.  Bummer, those darn work events 😉  When we went to this same event last year it was super hot, the Love Nugget was just a wee one, and I was still breast feeding.  So I didn’t remember it being all that great.  I think mainly because we weren’t in the right frame of mind.  So to be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it that much.  Plus one of my friends was flying in and I didn’t want to miss spending time with her.  However, it turned out to be a lot of fun!  While it was hot, we were mostly in the shade so that made it actually pleasant.  There was much better food (caprese bruchetta, flatbread pizza, and seriously good desserts).   To top it off, the hubby’s company won a HUGE award, Regional Builders Industry Business of the Year!  So happy for them!  Congratulations Descor Builders!

We got home late last night (late for us at least), and then stayed up visiting with my mom and bestie.

This picture was taken when I visited her in Sunny San Diego 🙂

So needless to say 5:30 came way too soon this morning.  It didn’t help that the Love Nugget was awake crying at 2:00am.  Come on Molar, you’re killing me!  Coffee is my best friend right now and probably will be all day 🙂  Thank goodness I brewed a big pot of iced coffee in my Toddy the other day!

Now off to get productive.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll be checking in after our run on Sunday!  Wish us luck!

QUESTIONS ~ Are you a morning person or a night owl?




5 comments on “Early Bird Gets the Worm

  1. Hope the run goes well! Tell your running buddies I said hello. 🙂

  2. Love your dress! You are beautiful girl. Glad you had such a great time @ your hubs work party and congratulations to his company as well! Hope you to had an awesome race. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

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