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Marvelous in My Monday

Good morning and happy Monday to you all!

It’s time for another Marvelous in My Monday link up.

Although so far our Monday has just been, blah.  Nothing too Marvelous around here.

The Love Nugget is no longer sleeping in past 7:00 which is fine but kind of nice to have a little more quite time in the mornings.  Today though it worked out okay that he awoke early since the hubby and I had planned to get up and go for a run.

This week our running/exercising schedule is pretty mellow.  With our half marathon this weekend we can’t chance being sore for the run.  So today we just did an easy 4 mile run with the Love Nugget.

We came home and showered then while the Love Nugget ate his breakfast, I mopped the kitchen floor several times.   Why?  Well, a not so marvelous thing happened last night.  I had cut up a rotisserie chicken last night and left the bones on the counter in the container while we went up to give the Love Nugget his bath.  While we were up there, the White Coyote some how jumped up and got the chicken down onto the floor.  (He is a crazy jumper)  So there was grease all over the floor that was not the easiest thing to clean up 😦  Not marvelous at all.  He knew he was busted too because he came upstairs while we were in our room and hid under the bed.  Hmmm…  not a good choice White Coyote.

In hopes of making it a more Marvelous Monday, I got the Love Nugget dressed and we headed out to do a little shopping.  Retail therapy always makes one feel better right?  Not today 😦

Oh well, one thing I’d like to share that I think was pretty marvelous was a commercial we saw last night while watching the Olympics.  In my opinion, Nike is one of the best advertisers out there.  They always create commercials that really suck you in and often times motivate you.  This particular commercial titled The Jogger, features a heavy set, 12-year-old boy running down a road in the middle of nowhere while the voiceover tells us that “greatness is no more unique to us than breathing, we are all capable of it.”


Check it out on youtube.  It’s VERY MARVELOUS!!

I think what made it more marvelous was when I googled it to find out more about the featured kid.  I learned that he is a 12-year-old from London, Ohio who at 5 foot 3 inches weighs 200 lbs!  Wow!  The sweat on his shirt is real as is the rumor that he threw up in a ditch while filming.  He ate to close to filming.  I think it’s marvelous that Nathan and his mom have planned to lose weight through exercising and eating better.  Nike says that they will return for a retaping if they are able to do so.  Source

Hope you are having a Marvelous Monday with all your greatness!

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One comment on “Marvelous in My Monday

  1. Oh I’m sorry your day didn’t start off Marvelous, and your retail therapy was a fail. Hopefully your day got better though as it went on 🙂

    Ha Ha, our dog will hide under the bed when she knows shes in trouble too!

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