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Handprint Craft and Giveaway winner!

Good morning!

Hope everyone had a marvelous Monday!

We ended up having a pretty good afternoon.  Made the Love Nugget some food and then we did a little crafting 🙂

I’ve been meaning to switch out the 4th of July handprint craft we’ve had hanging in the living room for a few weeks now but.

So I found a cute idea on Pinterest for a handprint crab.  Perfect for summer!

I started by making a paint wash by mixing a little blue with water.  Then I did a light blue wash on the top of the canvas.  When that was dry, I painted with a cream/beige color for the sand (I used an acrylic for this).

When this was dry, I painted the Love Nugget’s hand red (I used a washable poster paint for the handprints) and pressed sideways onto the “sand” on the canvas.   I repeated with the other hand in the opposite direction.  The Love Nugget has gotten to be pretty good at pressing his hands onto canvas 🙂  He doesn’t really mind the paint and he LOVES washing his hands in the sink.

To finish up, Ayden and I smeared/painted on a cloud and a sun.  Then I glued on some eyes, used a sharpie to draw on a mouth and stamped his name and the date.

Make sure when you are doing this with your little nugget that you have a wet towel near by to wipe off their hands.  Also, giving them something in their other hand to distract them a little helps too.

Dinner last night was pretty uneventful.  The hubby was at a late golf event for work, so I didn’t have to cook anything.  Which was great because I didn’t have much of an appetite after cleaning up dog barf all day.  Thank you White Coyote for eating Chicken and getting sick all day 😦  Oh, and all night too 😦  So I made myself a brown rice cake with Chocolate PB2 with bananas and a side of frozen grapes.

I’m really liking the Chocolate PB2 right now.  It’s much better than the regular flavor and only 45 calories per 2 tbsp!  Sweet!  The downside is there is 3 grams of added sugar but oh well.

This morning the Love Nugget woke up bright and early so we’ve been up watching Mickey’s Club House and checking emails.  Today we are heading to the Fountains to meet some friends for train rides, farmer’s market and lunch.  Fun!

Thank you for those of you who participated in the Artisana giveaway!  The winner was Becky!


Hmmm…well I guess I’d have to say peanut butter is my favorite nut butter. But, it’s the only kind I think I’ve ever had! It would be fun to try some coconut butter. It always looks good topped on your smoothies in a bowl. :-)

Congratulations Becky!  Email me with your address and I will send you a yummy package of butters!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


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