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Weekend Festivities

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  We had a great one over here!

Saturday morning we awoke bright and early to get ready for the Color Run!  I always have to have a good few hours to prepare before heading out for any race.   Enough time to drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, and get ready without having to rush.

For some quick eats I made the hubby and I breakfast cookie dough with strawberries and Almond milk.  Perfect healthy protein/carb breakfast.

Then the hubby and I got all decked out in our Color Run outfits.  All white, Color Run headbands, (color run sunglasses not pictured) and knee-high socks.  Super stylish!

We got to the race about a half hour before it started and there were SOOOO many people there!

We dodged and weaved to get to the front of the pack.  I hate getting stuck in a crowd and always try to get as close to the front as I can.

We did a little stretching and a quick photo shoot to kill some time.

This was us pre-race 🙂

Before we knew it, they cut the ribbon and we were off!

It was a really nice day, not too hot with a slight breeze.  Every 1/2 a mile they had a color station where you were hit with a certain colored powder paint.  This is what it looked like heading into it.

The volunteers had squeeze bottles that they shot at you as you ran by.  I’m glad the hubby and I took off from the start pretty quick because we were ahead of the crowd which made it easy to get through them fast.  I can only imagine what it would have been like if we were in the jumbled mess of 15,000 people.  That’s right, 15,000!  Crazy!

Most people were taking their time and running with a group or friends which seemed fun.  We ran it pretty fast and were finished before several people had even started the race.

Here’s an after shot.  All colorfully beautified 🙂

We stuck around for a little while and as more people finished the party got started.  Every 15 minutes they gave off an announcement to throw your color packet (you were given one in your race packet).  There was lots of dancing and color dust going on… I stayed out of it to snap a few pictures while the hubby went in to throw our packets.

He came out looking like this…

After that we headed back to our car to towel off then made a stop for some coffee before heading home.  Since it was a little chilly out, well, not chilly but cooler than it has been.  I grabbed a honey soy latte.

The hubby had a soy chai tea that he swears was the most amazing soy chai tea ever!  It was pretty good 🙂

We came home and immediately showered.  Then we took off with the hubby’s dad and his wife to go to a couple local wineries.  For some reason I didn’t snap any photos but we made two stops and had some yummy wine.  We were pretty hungry after that and couldn’t find a picnic spot for my lunch I packed so we made a pitstop at a Chevy’s instead.  Again, no photo but there were lots of chips and salsa eaten and I had a wedge of the hubby’s quesadilla.  I’m not a huge fan of the food at Chevy’s but there’s nothing better than a frosty cold Dos Equis Amber and some of their famous chips and salsa!

We came home and took the Love Nugget and the White Coyote for a little walk to the park.

The Love Nugget walked by himself all the way there.

Where he enjoyed sliding down the slide over and over and over!

The weather was very strange last night and there were actually a few lightning storms while we slept away.

We took advantage of the cooler weather and spread out a blanket, grabbed a bottle of wine and my snacks that didn’t get eaten earlier for dinner and relaxed.

It was a really nice evening 🙂

Today we had a lazy morning at home followed by a trip to Home Depot (to browse paint for our guest bedroom), and Costco.  Then home to get some yard work and prepping for the week.

Now I’m off to make the Love Nugget some food while he snoozes away.

QUESTIONS ~ Have you ever done a Color Run?

This was our first but we’ll be doing it again next year!


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