Artisana Nut Butters

I am super excited for tomorrows Color Run with the hubby and a few of my SS friends.  I’ve heard it’s a great event so I can’t wait!  While we are off running and getting painted, the Love Nugget will be home hanging out with his Grandpa and Grandma.  They will be coming down from Orland, about 2 hours away, to spend the day with him.  We might go check out a few local wineries with them tomorrow afternoon then we don’t have much planned for the rest of the weekend.  I’d like to paint our guest room so maybe Sunday?

Today we’ve hung out around the house mostly.  Besides our run and walk this morning, we haven’t really done too much.  I’m trying to get some meal planning for the week and next weekend done so we can have that all set to go.

This morning, the love nugget had a repeat of his favorite breakfast lately.

Oatmeal Smash

1/4 cup uncooked old fashioned oats

1 tbsp greek yogurt (I like Fage best, it’s super thick)

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tbsp mashed blackberries, strawberries, blueberries etc.

Mash all ingredients together to form a thick oatmeal/yogurt paste.  Let your little one enjoy!  I like this meal because it combines a little bit of everything into a finger friendly meal.  The Love Nugget hasn’t perfected the spoon yet but loves to feed himself so this works out perfectly!

Plus, he LOVES it!

I would actually eat it too, it’s pretty tasty and healthy!

Instead of an oatmeal smash, I had a yummy smoothie in a bowl topped with granola and coconut butter from this wonderful company called Artisana.

The other day I received a package from them full of some delicious and new to me butters.


The package included a full jar of Macadamia Butter, a full jar of Coconut Butter, and sample size packets of Cashew Butter, Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter, Almond Butter, Cocoa Bliss (chocolate coconut butter), Walnut Butter, Cashew Butter, Pecan Butter, and Macadamia Butter.

Ummm…. yum!

I’d heard of spooning coconut butter over smoothies and had been dying to try so I was super excited to receive this box of goodies.

Artisana is an organic company that specializes in raw organic nut butter but they have some fun other products as well.  With the increase in nut butters lately, the competition has definitely stepped up.  So what makes Artisana different?

They have a unique variety – Besides Walnut butter, Pecan butter, Cashew butter and Macadamia butter (all pretty unique), they have some others such as Acia Berry Nut Butter and Berry Antioxidant Nut Butter.

Freshness – They hand select their nuts, seeds and coconut and shop local as often as they can.  All their walnuts and Almonds are California grown!

Pureness – There are no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors added so you are getting a pure, clean delicious nut butter.

Healthful – Raw nuts and seeds are a wonderful addition to any diet.  Processed into a nut butter is just as good as eating the nut itself.  Nut butters have been shown to aid in lowering of cholesterol and when eaten in moderation, improving metabolism.  Nuts are amazing for your health!

If you follow my blog you probably already know that I’m a huge nut butter fan.  I don’t usually go a day without it so it was fun spicing it up a bit with some different types.  I’m really liking the coconut butter added to my smoothies.  It hardens to create a little crunch that melts in your mouth with a mildly sweet, coconut flavor.  Yum!

I’d love to share some Artisana love with you!

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite type of nut butter and which of the Artisana butters you would most like to try.  The winner will be chosen Monday, August 6th and will receive a package of Artisana nut butter sample packets to enjoy.


3 comments on “Artisana Nut Butters

  1. What a fun weekend you have planned ahead of you. I love that grandma & grandpa are driving the two hours to spend the day w/ that little cutie of yours! If you end up going to the winery, have a wonderful time :]

    I’ve never had Artisana Nut Butter but have heard nothing but wonderful things. I love Better n Peanut Butter Low Sodium & Barney’s Almond Butter. Both absolutely delicious.. however that Macademia Butter sounds delicious!!

  2. Hmmm…well I guess I’d have to say peanut butter is my favorite nut butter. But, it’s the only kind I think I’ve ever had! It would be fun to try some coconut butter. It always looks good topped on your smoothies in a bowl. 🙂

  3. I love ALMOND Nut butter!! I’ve never tried the coconut or macadamia nut. I want to now!

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