Running with a stroller

Today flew by so fast I didn’t even have time to snap any photos!

I did get a few of last nights dinner though…

Cedar planked grilled salmon topped with a mango avocado chimichuri served with a  salad of arugula, watermelon, and feta.

The salmon was really good and I thought the salad was too but the hubby wasn’t a huge fan of the watermelon salad.  He said it was good just not a combination he loved.  Oh well!

This morning I got up around 6:30 to have some quite time before the Love Nugget woke up as usual.  I heard him talking a little around 6:45 but then he went back to sleep and stayed asleep until 8:30!  Holy tired boy!  I had to keep checking the monitor to make sure he was still alive!  Good thing we found it the other day 🙂

You’d think I would have been able to get a ton done this morning while he slept but I didn’t 😦  I spent some time online paying bills then catching up on my blogs.

After he was awake and full of his breakfast, we headed out for a run.  It was already really hot out so it wasn’t the best run ever, but we did our 45 minutes as planned then came home for a cleaning marathon.  Fun stuff around here today!

While running today I started thinking about when I first started running with the stroller and how it took me awhile to get used to.  At first I noticed my shoulders were tense and my neck would often be sore following a run.  I was also having a lot of discomfort in my back.  I’ve learned a few things the past 14 months of running with a stroller that have helped me during and after running.

1. Relax your upper body ~ as I just mentioned I was so tense while running because I wasn’t used to having to hold onto something at the same time.  At times I’ll catch myself getting tense, with my shoulders near my ears and I’ll have to remind myself to relax and loosen up some.

2. Don’t hunch over ~  This is easy to do when running with a stroller because you’re holding onto it often with both hands.  I still do this and again remind myself to stand up straight as I run.  No matter how tired you get, don’t use your stroller to lean on.

3. Alternate hands ~ Alternating hands helps to maintain good posture when running.  Sometimes I’ll even push the stroller out ahead of me a little then jog to catch up to it. (Only when on a straight path!)  If your stroller comes with a strap, use it if it helps you to feel a little safer.  It gives you that added security that the stroller won’t go rolling away from you 🙂

4. Maintain a good distance between you and the stroller ~ If you are too close to the stroller, you have a chance of tripping (I’ve done this by kicking the wheel).  On the other hand, if you are too far (where your arms are completely straight while pushing), you will have a harder time maintaining good posture.

Jogging/running with a stroller is a great way to get you and your little one out of the house for some great exercise.  It’s very easy to do especially with all the jogging stroller options out there.  Plus, your working just a little bit more since your pushing something weighted, especially when going uphill.  Which means you are burning more calories than if you were running without 🙂


6 comments on “Running with a stroller

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! They should come in super handy when I actually get out and start training for that half marathon. Any suggestions for making that happen? I’m struggling (especially now with the second baby) with getting out there to run!

    • I was just thinking about you and your half marathon the other day. Do you have a training schedule to follow? I hang mine on my fridge and mark it off as I go. For me seeing that what I’ve accomplished helps to get me out the door the next day. I can only imagine how hard that would be with two. Are you running with a double stroller? I

      • I would LOVE to have the double BOB but that’s a lite pricey for us right now. So, I have to run with a friend who pushes o e of my kiddos. It’s really hard coordinTing our schedules though. So, unfortunately, most of my training will need to be done via treadmill which is in the garage (no ac :-/). So if I’m running solo it’s got to be early morning or in the evening. Problem with that is I am super tired in the morning from being up at night and Jordan stays up until 11 every night. Little nightowl. 🙂 I love the schedule on the fridge idea. I am going to try to put that together today and start sticking to it! By the way, have you seen the protein powered they sell at Costco? I wish I could remember the brand. I do remember looking at the ingredients and there were only a handful. Just wondering if it’s legit. Thanks so much for the help! One last thing-I can’t cook with quinoa anymore with thinking of you. Made black bean quinoa veggie burgers the other night and they turned out really good!

      • The double BOB is sooo expensive! I think they should offer a trade in value on the single BOB for the double! That is so nice that you have a friend to help you out. The weather has been making it pretty hard to run outside. I’ve been going to the gym a few days a week in the mornings to get it out of the way. I remember training for the last half I did when Ayden was not sleeping and it was very hard. I did a pretty basic schedule for that one even though it wasn’t my first half. You proabably already have one but here is the schedule I did. http://running.about.com/od/racetraining/a/basichalf.htm
        Hang in there! It sounds like you’re at least getting some running in and some is better than none 🙂
        I think I have seen that protein powder but haven’t tried it. It’s a Whey protein correct? I believe my cousin uses it and she likes it. I was having some stomach issues before I switched to the one I’m using now but since starting this one (Sunwarrior), I’ve been just fine!
        Isn’t quinoa the best! I love it and cook up a big batch every Sunday! So versatile!

  2. Glad your bundle of joy gave you some extra “me” time this morning 🙂

  3. I love this. I don’t have kids, but I tell my friends one of the perks someday will be a good stroller workout!!

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