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What I Ate Wednesday


I’ve decided to join in on another fun link up today with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.  This weeks What I ate Wednesday segment focus’ on Summer staples.

Peas and Crayons

This is perfect for me since I’ve been digging into some great summer foods lately.  Here’s just a few of my favorite summer foods this year.

1.  Salads ~

I love to eat salads!  Especially salads with lots of yummy, fresh veggies!  I tend to overload on the veggies and skimp on the greens but at least I’m getting them all in!  I’ve even gotten a little more creative and stepped away from the green salad mixture to come up with some yummy chicken salads.

In this mix, diced grilled chicken, cranberries, blanched asparagus, celery, greek yogurt, dill and lemon.

2. Overnight oats ~

Overnight oats were a new concept to me until a few months ago but since then I’ve eaten my fair share.  My favorite right now is Mango Overnight Oats topped with some almond sunflower butter I made myself.  I also love them in an almost empty jar of nut butter!

So delicious and refreshing on those hot mornings!

3.  Green Smoothies ~

I love to just throw in whatever frozen fruits I have, some protein powder, non dairy milk or coconut water and blend away!  I often toss in flaxseeds, hemp seeds or chia seeds as well.

My new favorite way to enjoy my green smoothies is in a bowl topped with coconut butter and sometimes granola.  Yum!

4. Froyo (AKA – frozen yogurt) ~

Yeah, I’m somewhat addicted to this stuff lately.  I know, it’s one of those health foods that isn’t really that good for you.  But I do try to get sugar-free when it’s offered and I’ve never filled my cup 🙂  I have also been loving homemade “fake” frozen yogurt.

This is my Chocolate Covered Cherry Frozen Yogurt that is made out of frozen bananas.  It’s super yummy and if very similar to froyo.  We actually had some last night with bananas, greek yogurt and PB2.

5.  Fresh Vegetables ~

We planted a little garden again this year but haven’t had much luck 😦  I swear our house is cursed!  Luckily there is no shortage of farmer’s markets around here and I find myself visiting them almost weekly to stock up on some fresh local produce.

These are just a few foods that I’ve been loving this summer.

What foods have you been loving this summer?


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