Gift Bags Galore!

Hi guys!

We’ve had a busy day so far.  Well, kind of busy.  I woke up randomly at 5:30 and was wide awake.  So, even though I hadn’t planned on it, I got up and went to the gym.  I got on the treadmill to run but for some reason just wasn’t feeling it.  My phone was dead so I couldn’t listen to music and was stuck watching the news which can be kind of depressing first thing in the morning.  I managed to get in a quick 30 minutes, just over 3 miles then did some abs and good stretching before heading home.  The Love Nugget slept in until after 7:00 so I got a few things done around the house and had time to make something new for breakfast.

Almond Butter Pancakes

1/3 cup Almond Meal

1 heaping tbsp Almond Butter

1 egg

1 mashed banana

Mix all ingredients together well and pour into a preheated pan sprayed with cooking spray.  Top with your choice of toppings and enjoy!

I topped mine with two tbsp of PB2 mixed with water to make a chocolate peanut butter syrup/frosting.  It was creamy and delicious!  The pancakes were moist and filling!  This recipe makes three but I only managed to eat one, the Love Nugget devoured the other 🙂

After breakfast we headed to our last day of SS (stroller strides).  Since I’ve been taking more classes at the gym and taking the Love Nugget along, I decided to put my SS membership on hold for now.  I also recently signed up for the next Fitmixer bootcamp which starts in September so I’ll be focusing on that.  I’ll miss it for sure but we can always drop in for a class from time to time.

We had a great workout and then headed over to Marshall’s to look for some white shorts for the hubby.  This Saturday we need to be decked out in white for the Color Run.  No luck on the shorts but I did find a new yoga mat!  Score!

When I got home I was in an organizing mood.  Our office has been a disaster ever since the Love Nugget’s birthday so I thought I’d get started on that.  However, I got side tracked in our guest room (which I want to paint this weekend), and spent the majority of my time in there.  We have a great closet organizer which works perfectly for all my wrapping paper supplies.  However, I noticed that my gift bag slot was getting a little out of control.  So I pulled them all out to try to get them in order and was shocked by the amount of bags I had shoved in there.

Just a few…

I started by categorizing them into piles.  Wedding bags, baby bags, birthday bags, boy bags, and Christmas bags.

I tossed out a lot of older, wrinkled looking bags.

Then I neatly put them back into their slot and voila!

So much better!

(Please excuse the crappy iphone pictures.  I only had my phone upstairs and was being too lazy to go get my camera)

After I finished that I cleaned out the closet in our office and put away some of the Love Nugget’s older toys that we has stored in there.   Then I realized that besides a few celery sticks with peanut butter and dried mangoes, I hadn’t eaten since this mornings pancakes and it was already 2:00!

Lunch time!

For lunch today I threw together some chickpeas, avocado, broccoli slaw, lemon juice, tomato, goat cheese and a spoonful of greek yogurt.   I mixed that together and shoved some in half a pita and chowed down.  It was delicious!

The Love Nugget just woke up so now it’s his turn to eat and then time to play!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


4 comments on “Gift Bags Galore!

  1. Ha Ha, I can’t get over your insane amount of gift bags. Too funny! Glad you are having such a fabulous day so far though :).. I mean how could you not w/ your meals alone. They look delicious!

  2. Awww, we will all miss you too at SS!!! But I am sure I will still see you around, and I will be keeping up with your blogs 🙂 Love those yummy recipe ideas!!!

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