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Relaxing Sunday

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you all!

We had such a nice relaxing evening last night.  First time we’ve been home doing nothing on a Saturday in a long time 🙂  We thought about going to a friends for dinner but decided to just hang out and enjoy some hubby/wife time at home.  Since my brother was staying with us all week we haven’t been alone much lately and it was nice to just sit, enjoy some wine, some good food and each others company.

After we put the Love Nugget to bed, we started with a few glasses of vino, some basil olive oil goat cheese, granny smith apple jalapeno jelly and gluten-free crackers from a local baker.

The wine and cheese went together very nicely.  While we nibbled on that I chopped veggies while the hubby prepared and grilled the meat.

It’s not often that we have lobster but I saw it on sale the other day so I snatched up a few for dinner.  They weren’t the biggest tails ever which is why the hubby added a steak but it was the perfect size for me!

We enjoyed our dinner on the patio listening to Frank Sinatra radio on Pandora and talking about what it would be like to live in the Big Band era.  I think if there was an era that I had to choose to live in that would be it.  Just for the music alone 🙂

With our lobster and steak we each had a hefty helping of roasted veggies with lemon juice and parmesan cheese.

Plus some more vino 🙂

This morning we woke up and went for a nice stroll with the White Coyote to Starbucks.

I wore my new shoes and remembered why I didn’t try them on in the first place.  I don’t love the color scheme but they sure are comfy!

Upon our return, we cooked up a yummy brunch which we haven’t done in forever!

Stuffed french toast with light cream cheese, blackberry puree, and a bit of powdered sugar sandwiched between two slices of bread then dipped in a light egg, milk, vanilla and cinnamon mixture.  Yum!

Topped with a little bit of 100% maple syrup with a side of fruit.

Plus mimosas with fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice 🙂

Such a nice relaxing morning.

Now we’re off to get ready for the zoo!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


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