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Woo hoo!

The hamburger buns turned out great!  They were actually more like a dinner roll but they worked as a hamburger bun 🙂

My brother is staying over again so the boys had blue cheese burgers and I had a California Veggie Burger.  I even splurged and had it on a bun!

But the burger with the bun was so big I couldn’t eat it!  I ended up taking off the top and just eating the bottom.

We also had some coconut oil sweet potato fries  and watermelon topped with feta.  I have never had this combination before but after seeing it in a magazine, I thought I’d give it a try.  I was surprised at how much I liked it!  I have an idea for a salad brewing as we speak 🙂

Before dinner, we got a kick out of the Love Nugget riding his rocking horse.

We were also enjoying his new conversational skills.  Suddenly he speaks the craziest jibber jabber to us as if we know what he is saying.  It’s pretty funny.  It was even funnier when he did some dirty business in the tub!  Again!  Two nights in a row!  Hmmm…. I hope for the hubby’s sake (he does bathtime), this doesn’t become a habit!

Off to bed now.  I’m going to start reading Divergent tonight.  The hubby just finished that as well as the second book, Insurgent and loved them.

Have a good night!


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