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Hamburger Buns Round 2


It’s Thursday!  Which means tomorrow is Friday!  We are looking forward to the start of the Olympics this year.  The other night we were talking about the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics and we couldn’t remember why we didn’t watch it.  Supposedly it was really good.  Then we figured out that we didn’t see it because we were on our honeymoon in Fiji!  Seems like so long ago but guess it was just 4 years.

Last night I snuck out for a girls night with a few friends.  Started off by stopping over at my cousins for dinner and a glass of wine.  I brought over a few salads in a jar and some gazpacho and she poured the wine.

I discovered that my salads in a jar are huge!  We split one jar and they were pretty big salads.  Not to self, next time don’t make them so big!

Then we met a few other friends at the smallest theater on the planet to see Magic Mike.  The complex itself is pretty big but the theater we sat in was tiny!

We laughed our way through the movie and while it was pretty cheesy, it was fun to go see it with some friends.  It helped that we brought along some vino, dark chocolate and a few other sweet treats 🙂  I wish movie theaters served wine but then the prices would be so high (like their over priced waters and sweets) that I wouldn’t buy it anyways!

This mornings breakfast was a smoothie in a bowl topped with coconut butter for me,

bran cereal, an egg puff, greek yogurt, pureed blackberries, homemade granola and chai seeds for the Love Nugget, we went for a nice 5 mile run. It was actually a little chilly out this morning.  We had plans to go meet some friends at the Aquatic center but decided to go play at the park instead since it wasn’t all that warm.  After making a stop for an iced coffee of coarse 🙂

I’m becoming more and more addicted to coffee!  Not necessarily a good thing but oh well.  I usually just get an iced coffee with two pumps sugar-free syrup (or I add my own Stevia) and a splash of Almond Milk.  So I guess it’s not that bad…

The boys had a great time running around playing.

The last time we were at this park the Love Nugget wasn’t all that into it.  This time he was going crazy having so much fun!

After our play date we came home for the Nugget’s nap.  While he napped I decided to give bread making another shot and try out a different hamburger bun recipe.  The dough is currently rising so we’ll see how it turns out… fingers crossed!

The Love Nugget is chowing down on his third piece of watermelon as we speak!  He must be going through a growth spurt because he is eating like a horse these days!

We’re off to run a few errands while the dough finishes its last rise.  Hopefully…


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