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Fitness Friday

I thought it would be fun to start a new segment called Fitness Friday!

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As you might have noticed, I really enjoy working out.  I also like finding new ways to push myself as well as new workouts.  I like to sweat and I sweat a lot.  The amount of perspiration that comes off my body is usually a sign of how good of a workout I had.  Unless of coarse I’m in Mexico and no matter how easy my workout might have been, I still sweat buckets.

I’ve learned a lot of new at home workouts from reading other peoples blogs or searching on Pinterest.  So I thought sharing a favorite workout from the week and hopefully one of yours might introduce others to some new exercises.

So let’s get started!

Let me begin with reviewing my workouts for the entire week.

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Nike Training Workout on iphone, ran on treadmill 2.5 miles, 60 minute spin class

Tuesday –  SS (Stroller Strides), Interval workout on treadmill 7 x 400 meters

Wednesday – Ran on treadmill 2.5 miles, 45 minutes of spin class

Thursday – 5 mile run

Friday – SS, Nike Training ab workout 15 minutes

Saturday – (hasn’t happened yet) 12 mile run

Now for my favorite workout of the week…  I’d have to say I’m really enjoying the Nike Training Workouts and my favorite this week was the Heartthrob Cardio one I did.  It was only 30 minutes but I was sweating and working hard throughout the entire workout.  Here’s a rundown of what this particular workout consisted of.

FYI – some of the video links are not from the Nike app so I apologize for the sporadic videos but wanted to give you the chance to try out the workout if you don’t have the app 🙂

1 min light jog

1 min high knee runs

1 min recover

1 min alternateing medicine ball push up.  We don’t have a medicine ball so I used a football.

1 min plank walks

1 min plank row to burpee using 10lb weights

2 min squat jumps

1 min side lunge with rotation

2 min single leg deadlift reverse fly, 10lbs

1 min broad jumps

1 min plank row to rotation

30 sec high knee runs

30 sec burpee

30 sec high knee runs

30 sec burpee

1 min russian twist

1 min alternating forward lunge with arm curl

2 min ski jump to back lunge

30 sec mountain climbers (faster than in the video)

2 min squat jumps

30 sec froggers

30 sec mountain climblers

30 sec froggers

1 min walk out push up swivel (video does not include swivel, twist your knee under your body towards your opposite elbow after your push up)

1 min crazy ivans

2 min hamstring stretch

2 min pretzel stretch

1 min lower back stretch

The only thing I wish these workout included more of is stretching.  This is one area that I’m usually lacking in and if it were included I would do more of it.  I know, I need to stretch more!

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