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Marvelous in my Monday

Hey there!  I’m going to join in on a wonderful link up again with Healthy Diva Eats and her Marvelous in My Monday segment.

Today I’m going to focus on a few things that I think are just Marvelous lately 🙂

1. Mango Over night Oats.  You might have noticed I’ve been eating a lot of this particular breakfast lately.  It’s such a nice cool, refreshing and filling meal that is great for hot summertime mornings.  Plus, it keeps me full throughout the morning so I’m less inclined to indulge in mindless snacking!

2. Pina Colada Green Smoothies.  Again, you may have noticed I’m drinking a ton of these lately.  Since we returned from Mexico I have been quite obsessed.  It might have been my Pina colada obsession while I was there, or the fact that these are just plain tasty!  I’m really enjoying how Marvelous they taste with coconut water rather than almond or coconut milk.  So good!

3. Nike Training Club app.  We couldn’t make it out of the house this morning on time so I did another workout at home using my Nike training app.  I love it!  Kicked my butt again and I love that you can use your own music to workout to.  Marvelous!

4. Fresh summer veggies!  I wish I could say all these Marvelous veggies were from our garden but they aren’t.  A few are but a very nice friend gave us some of their wonderful garden fresh veggies.  For some reason we have horrible vegetable gardening luck at our house.  However, I do tend to find a ton of local fresh produce at farmer’s markets which I think is pretty Marvelous right now too!

5. Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder.  I love, love, love this protein powder right now.  At first I wasn’t too sure I was going to like it since it doesn’t completely dissolve into my smoothies.  But, the nutrition facts and lack of dairy were really the selling point for me.  Plus it’s sweetened with Stevia and the only ingredients are Whole Brown Rice Protein, Vanilla, Pectin, Xanthum gum and Stevia.  I think it’s a pretty Marvelous Protein Powder if you ask me!

6. Hemp Seeds are my last Marvelous share for today.  I love these little seeds of goodness lately and am adding them to almost everything!  Smoothies, salads, protein balls, pancakes, oatmeal, and whatever else I think I can toss them into.  I like to add them into the Love Nugget’s veggie patties, peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes and yogurt to give him an extra boost of protein.


What Marvelous things are you enjoying lately?


One comment on “Marvelous in my Monday

  1. Pina colada green smoothies sound fabulous! I totally agree with you too, I am definitely loving all the fresh summer fruits and veggies! It’s the easiest time of the year to eat clean and fresh!

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