Recipe Fail :-(

Hi there!

Last night I got confused and thought it was Wednesday which would have made today Thursday.  For pretty much the whole evening I thought that then realized right before I went to sleep that alas today was Wednesday, not Thursday and I had a Dr. apt.  Boo 😦  Just a routine skin check at the dermatologists office but still not that fun when you have to tote a 14 month old along.

Since my apt was at 10:00 I couldn’t make it to SS.  So the Love Nugget, the White Coyote and I went for a quick walk.  I was pretty sore from yesterday’s Nike workout.  Then I decided to use my time at home to try out a new recipe I saw on Eat Live Run for Homemade Hamburger Buns.  It looked easy enough and while I actually don’t usually eat a bun, I figured I’d give it a try.  I had all the ingredients except for sugar but it only called for 2 tbsp so I didn’t think substituting stevia would be that big of a deal.  Well, after all this…

My buns turned out like this….

Not this,


Recipe Fail!  They tasted okay, kind of like a breadstick but they were hard and very dense.  The Love Nugget seemed to really enjoy them so I guess he’s got bread for awhile 🙂

He also got to play with some of the dough that was left over which he thought was really fun!

After waiting for the buns to cook and being so disappointed with the outcome, we took off for a run.  My legs were very tired from the past few days so I wasn’t sure I would be able to complete the 5 miles that I had planned to do.  Plus, it turned out to be much hotter out than I had thought it was.  But… after a mile my legs loosened up and I finished the 5 miles.  However, the heat and my tiredness really hit me once I got back and I wasn’t feeling too hot.  After a quick shower, I refueled with a Pina Colada Green Smoothie with Coconut Water and felt much better.

Now the Love Nugget and I are taking off to go have a play date with his buddy at the park 🙂

Question –

Have you tried any recipes and had a total fail?


2 comments on “Recipe Fail :-(

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  2. It looks to me that one of 3 things happened.

    a. The yeast died or didn’t get activated (dies if the water is too hot, doesn’t activate if it’s too cold) Or maybe the Stevia was the problem cause it didn’t allow the yeast to ‘eat’. either use the sugar or maybe try milk instead of water and stevia, it needs the sugars to get foamy and activate.
    b. The dough didn’t double in size for the first rising time. Usually it’s either from inactive yeast like option a, or it’s cause the place you were rising it was not warm enough. If top of dryer didn’t work you can preheat oven to lowest temp for a few minutes then turn it off and let dough rise in the still warm oven (sometimes just having the light on in the oven produces enough heat)
    c. The second rising stage was skipped on accident.

    To answer your question, I have had a few recipe fails. my most memorable was kinda the opposite of yours. I was making Panetone and it didn’t dtop rising. it was like one of those black snake fireworks, it just kept flowing out of the pan. after removing large chunks of dough 3 times and it kept growing I just gave up and threw the whole thing out.

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