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Marvelous Monday!

Hi Friends!

I’m trying something new today and joining Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats in a Marvelous Monday link up.  Thank you Katie for hosting such a fun link up!

I hope your Monday has been as Marvelous as ours has!

We started our Marvelous Monday bright and early with a little Love Nugget who didn’t want to go back so sleep.  So he cuddled squirmed in our bed until we were forced to get up.  Oh well, just gave me a chance to get more done.

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast that I prepared the night before and will be making again.

Marvelous Overnight Mango oats.   I topped mine with a little of the almond sunflower butter I made yesterday.  I might have to make it again tonight for tomorrows breakfast and this time I will try to pay attention to measurements so I can share it with you all 🙂

Then the Love and I headed off to SS for a Marvelous workout.  It’s a little cooler out and is supposed to be all week so it was nice to workout outdoors.

We came straight home after to refuel with a green protein smoothie then squeeze in some more cardio on the elliptical while the Love Nugget napped.

I also wanted to catch up on the Bachelorette even though I already knew who she sent home.

The Love Nugget must have been pretty tired since he woke up so early because he napped from 11:00 until almost 2:00!  This was Marvelous for me because I was able to clean out my closet, organize my dresser, clean our bathroom and bedroom, chat with my bestie and enjoy lunch while catching up on blogs.  Ahhhh… Marvelous!

Lunch today was a Marvelous salad made with lots of greens (detox!), steamed asparagus, baked tofu, black beans and leftover mango avocado salsa that topped our salmon the other night.

While the Love Nugget ate his turkey hummus quesadilla, frozen peas, black beans and sweet potatoes, I made the hubby breakfast for the week.  Soyrizo and egg burritos, one of his favorites!  He thinks they are just Marvelous!

It’s a pretty easy meal to make and actually pretty tasty.  If you’re not familiar with soyrizo, it’s a soy version of chorizo.  Which I’ve actually never had but I know lots of people are a fan.  I do however like soyrizo and eggs and I’m not a big meat and eggs person.  It comes in a package similar to chorizo and can be found in many local grocery stores.

Unlike chorizo which has a pork casing, it has a plastic casing so you have to cut and squeeze it out of the wrapper.  We cook ours for about 10 minutes before adding in the eggs.

I usually whisk 7-8 eggs with some milk and scramble them into the soyrizo.  You could do more or less eggs depending on how eggy you like it.  Once it’s cooked you can eat it how you like.

The hubby likes to add cheese and eat it in a tortilla, I like it just plain with a little greek yogurt and avocado on top 🙂  For him, I spread a little cream cheese onto a tortilla, then scooped in some of the soyrizo egg mixture and topped it with shredded cheese.

These freeze well and are an easy breakfast you can just pop in the microwave and eat on the go.

The Love Nugget tried some of the mixture for the first time and thought it was pretty Marvelous as well!


Hope your Monday has been as Marvelous as ours!


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