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Home Sweet Home

Hola Amigos!

We are back from Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

We had a wonderful time but it’s always nice to come home, especially when you miss your little Love Nugget as much as I did 🙂 It was pretty hard to leave him and I went through a lot of mixed emotions about doing so.  Would he be okay, would I be okay, would he be mad at us, what will other people think of me as a mom?  The list goes on and on.  Then I came to the realization that while it is hard to leave him behind, it is healthy for the hubby and I to have a little vacation of our own.  Plus, he was home happy and as content as could be with his Nana.  She doesn’t get to see him all that often so it’s a treat for her to get to spend some time with her only grandchild.  Thanks Nani!

So… it’s been awhile!  I have to say it felt weird not logging onto the internet daily to catch up on the blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or reading all the blogs I follow.  We could have if we wanted to but we didn’t have much time to nor did we really want to.  A vacation is a vacation right?!?

The hubby and I bought into vacation program the year before we got married.  One of our home resorts is a fairly new place in San Jose Del Cabo called Cabo Azul.

View from our balcony 🙂

San Jose is just 20 minutes from Cabo San Lucas.  This is the 2nd time we’ve vacationed there and we love it!  They really spoil you there and despite the sweltering heat, it’s pretty darn nice.  This year we invited my cousin and her BF to join us since we have a 2 bedroom villa.

It was their first time in Cabo San Lucas and I think they were a little surprised with the heat and humidity but overall had a fun time.
Who wouldn’t with this view!
Our villa has a complete kitchen too so right after checking in we headed to the grocery store to stock up on supplies.  It was a little pricey…
Just kidding!  That’s in Pesos!  Even by the end of the trip we still couldn’t get rid of that initial shock factor when you hear your drink is 200 pesos.  Which is really like $15.
Every morning I would wake up and go sit on the balcony enjoying my coffee and the view.
Then I would head to the gym where I would sweat… a lot!
After a shower and some b-fast, we would get ready for the days adventures.
One day we went to San Jose to explore the authentic little town.  We stopped into a little restaurant and had some chips, salsa and cerveza while laughing at some Mexican humor 🙂
We also popped into a local tequila shop to do some tasting and make a purchase.  It’s fun to bring back tequila from Mexico and on this trip we invested in our own tequila barrel.
It’s pretty cool because when it’s empty you can fill it up with another tequila, whiskey or even vodka!  Plus, the shop owner did the engraving right there while we waited and played around in the shop.
I know we’re silly but they had so many interesting tequila bottles who could resist?
At night we would go out to enjoy some of the local cuisine at recommended restaurants.  Lots of yummy food!  I love me some Mexican food, but after a few meals, I was craving something fresh and healthy.  Luckily, another cousin of mine who lives in Cabo just opened a restaurant that is similar to Chipotle.  So one night we headed down to Cabo to visit with her and enjoy some “healthier” food 🙂
If you go to Cabo San Lucas make sure to stop into my cousin Bethany’s restaurat called Burrito Surf for some yummy food!
One day we indulged in the amazing spa at the resort which was the most relaxing massage I’d had in a while 🙂  Not only was the massage great, but the time spent at the spa was just what we needed.
I wish we had a picture of the boys in their robes relaxing in the spa but we missed out on seeing them.  We kept laughing though just thinking about their experience sitting in the hot tub, relaxing on the loungers, detoxing in the steam room….  After when they filled us in on the details, we were cracking up!  They kept asking “Mr. Jose,” when the girl (us) were coming to join them.  Too funny!
One of the most touristy things to do in Cabo is go out on a boat to look at the Arch.
We didn’t do this last time but we received a free sunset cruise from our resort so we decided to do it.  Even though, every time I’ve stepped foot on a boat in the ocean, I’ve gotten sea sick.  I thought I could suck it up and I had some of the patches left over from our cruise so I planned to use one.  However, after putting it on I started to feel sick so I removed it and took a Dramamine instead.  While I didn’t get as sick as I’ve gotten in the past, it still happened.  Luckily for me, it didn’t hit me until we had only an hour left on our cruise.  Unfortunately for my poor cousin, it hit her soon after we took off.  We still managed to take a few pictures and enjoy the cruise as much as we could 🙂
All in all we had a really fun time on our trip and will be heading back in the future for sure!  I think the next time we’ll take the Love Nugget along as well 🙂
Now, back to laundry.   That’s one of the things I hate the most about coming home from a long vacation 😦

One comment on “Home Sweet Home

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