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Just for fun!

Sometimes, when I’m in the need of a good laugh, I’ll log on to Pinterest and click on the humor category.  It never fails.  I’ll at least find one funny pin that really gets me to LOL!

Here’s a few recent ones I’ve found and enoyed 🙂

Oh the amount of times I told my younger brother this…

Pinned Image

If you were born in the 80’s you’ll enjoy this one!

Pinned Image

Ummm… yeah going to do this to the White Coyote one day!  Haha!

Pinned Image

Bored, draw eybrows on your dog, sit back and laugh!

I already relate to this and the Love Nugget is barely over a year!

Pinned Image

Is there a woman out there that doesn’t agree with this?

Pinned Image

Oh grammar…

Pinned Image

Hope this made you smile 🙂


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