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Pizza time!

Happy Friday to you all!

Any fun plans for the weekend?  We are starting our day off tomorrow with a long 10 mile run.  Almost to 13!  Luckily we have the most awesome friends who offered to watch the Love Nugget so we could get our run done together.  Love them!  Their son is just a few weeks older than the Love Nugget so they have a great time togethere.

Today was a pretty low key day for us.  Woke up feeling very lazy so we hung out around the house until after nap time.

For breakfast I had a yummy green smoothie in a bowl topped with homemade granola.

The Love Nugget had cantelope, cottage cheese and chia seeds along with french toast.  He gobbled it up as always!

After his nap, we made our way to Target to get a few things.  On our way there I made a stop at TJ Maxx to check out their baby clothes.  I haven’t been to a TJ Maxx in a long time.  They are very similar to Marshall’s and later I remembered that they are affiliated.  Go figure!  They had a large variety of snacky foods, some of which was pretty healthy.  I recieved this specific brand of healthy snack bar in a variety pack of treats from Healthy Surprise (reveiw coming soon!).  So I thought I’d try out the dark chocolate coconut since it was a great price and had pretty good nutrition facts.  However, when I opened it I found that it was more like a chocolate bar.  Very similar to a Mounds Bar but with healthier ingredients.   Not exactly what I wanted but oh well!

We got home and the Love Nugget devoured his lunch.  He ate half a turkey and kale burger, beets, sweet potato fries, beet and veggie nuggets, garbonzo beans strawberries, cantelope and pineapples.  Holy moly someone was hungry!  He had some energy to burn after that because he was running around like crazy!  I didn’t think he would fall asleep for his next nap but after talking in his crib for a few minutes he passed out.  While he napped I made some sugar-free blueberry banana bread as a thank you for our friends who are watching the Love Nugget.

Then the hubby came home a little early and we did some painting with the love nugget.  It’s nice to have a few extra hands to help hold and press onto the canvas 🙂

Then we watched the Love Nugget entertain himself and the White Coyote with the hose.  Funny boys!

Tonight for dinner we made pizza.  Yum!  I bought a few bags of whole wheat dough from Whole Foods a while back and remembered this morning that we still had some!  Sweet because I had no idea what we were having for dinner.  So I defrosted it, pulled out some tofu turkey sausage, cut up a few veggies and created our masterpiece.

Notice how the majority of the pizza has only sausage, cheese and zucchini?  That would be the hubby’s section.  I like mine with just a little cheese and lots of veggies.  They hubby obviously does not.  Plus, as much as I do like pizza, especially homemade, its sort of a splurge for me so I never really eat it left over.  Homemade is the way to go though, very little grease, really easy to make and your choice of toppings for super cheap!  Although I will admit that the hubby and I both worked at pizza joints while in college so maybe we have a little “pizza making” talent 🙂

Time to relax and enjoy the evening.  To bed early tonight so we can be nice and rested for our run tomorrow!


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