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Good morning!

Whew!  What a busy past few days!  I’m sure you all felt the same as we did that Wednesday was like Saturday.  Threw me off a little and I don’t even go to work!  Well… I take that back, I’m at work 24-7 🙂

Let’s recap the past few days as quickly as best we can…

As mentioned, Tuesday was the hubby’s birthday.  So to celebrate we went to dinner with a some friends.  I had a groupon for a restaurant we hadn’t tried before so we decided to test it out.  It was Mexican so of course the hubby liked it.  He likes pretty much any Mexican food.  In my opinion the food was sub-par but I’m pretty picky.  But, there was lots of fun had!

Tequila shots for the boys…

Jumping on chairs for the Love Nugget…

and a little father son butt action 😉

The next morning the hubby headed off early to play golf again while the Love Nugget and I went for a nice 6 mile run.  During which I ran into my gym friend who I haven’t seen since before I had the nugget.  She informed that she just did a for a family she didn’t know before who live in the East Hampton’s.  Crazy!  She already gave birth to four boys!  Double crazy!

After our run I tried out a new coconut water I grabbed at TJ’s the other day.  I mixed it up with some kale, frozen banana, PB2 and hemp seeds.

It was really good but… I didn’t check the nutrition before purchasing it and unfortunately it has cane sugar 😦  Not much but I wish it didn’t have any added at all.

When the hubby got home we went to Whole Foods to grab some lunch.  I’d been craving a big salad from there with some of their sesame tofu.  Yum!

Then came home to prepare for a bbq with friends.

I made Caprese Salad over arugula,

Watermelon and blueberry salad with the juiciest watermelon ever!  I had to dump the juice as I balled it several times!

and patriotic dipped strawberries.

We had a very nice, low key evening hanging out with friends and eating some yummy food.

We were bah humbug though and didn’t last for the fireworks.  The Love Nugget was pretty tired which results in lots of falling down for him.  He managed to get a nice little scrape on his head again.

While we didn’t see any fireworks, we sure could hear them!  A few times I thought a bomb was going off in our neighborhood!   I was exhausted though and managed to sleep through the majority of it falling asleep at 10:00!  Such an old lady I am!

Today we are off to SS then maybe the mall for a little shopping 🙂

Hope everyone had a fun, safe Fourth of July!!!!


Would you ever be a surrogate mother for someone?

I don’t know if I could.  I didn’t love being pregnant but the end result of having my little love nugget so I don’t know if I could give the baby away.  Although seeing the joy it would bring to someone could be worth it…


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