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Snacking kind of day

How’s your day so far?

We had a great workout at SS then went and did a little shopping.

Okay, maybe not a little…

I asked the hubby to go to Costco with me last Sunday but he declined 😦   So I was stuck pushing around this massive cart while trying to keep the Love Nugget content.  He actually likes Costco since he usually gets a few samples out of it 🙂

When we came home and he ate some lunch.

On the way home I ate a Key Lime Larabar so I wasn’t really feeling like lunch yet.  I should have just taken the time to eat a meal because when I do this, I end up snacking for the rest of the day.  Which is pretty much what I did.  I had a handful of Almonds, then I had a bite of the Love Nugget’s turkey and hummus tortilla wrap.  Then I decided to make a healthy snack for a play date tomorrow so I whipped up a batch of Mamma Pea’s Quick and Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Of course, I had to taste one when they were done.  Delish!  Then… I made the hubby a new protein bar so I had a couple bites of the mixture as I went and a spoonful of peanut butter.  So… as you can see, I should have just eaten lunch!

I had hoped the Love Nugget would go down for a nap after lunch but for some reason he had a ton of energy.  So we played with some pom poms that I purchased at the Dollar Store yesterday.

He loved trying to throw them into the bowl, picking them up and then dropping them.

Cheap fun activity that helps build his fine motor skills.

Now I’m waiting for the Love Nugget to wake up so we can go for a run.  On the training schedule for today is a 40 minute tempo run.  Just a little over a month until the big race, woo hoo!

Just for fun and because this happened to me the other day while finishing up a run,

Pinned Image

Ha ha!


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