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It’s getting insane around here!

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a great Monday.  We had a busy one!

We woke up this morning to a chilly wind so we decided to stay home and relax before the Love Nugget’s Doctor’s apt.

For breakfast I had overnight oats in an almost empty peanut butter jar.

I had seen a few of my blogger friends do this and had been wanting to try but just waiting for the PB to be empty.  It was pretty yummy!

After breakfast, we got some laundry done and then headed to the Dollar Store to pick up some stuff for activities later today.  Then it was off to the Love Nugget’s check up.

He’s doing great!  Right on track and as healthy as can be 🙂

Unfortunately he had to get shots which is not my favorite thing to see.  But he’s a trooper and after a long nap, he woke up nice and chipper.

While he slept, I did a workout I haven’t done in ages…
Insanity, Max Interval Training.


Whew!  It was tough!  It’s 60 minutes and usually by the end of the warm up I’m sweating.  Here’s the run down of this DVD,

You begin with a 10 minute warm-up that goes 3 rounds.

  • Jog
  • Jumping Jacks – Arms Up
  • 123 Heisman
  • Jump Rope S-S
  • High Knees – Arms Out
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit the Floor
  • S-S Floor Hops

Your first set of exercises consists of 3 rounds.  Each round has the same 4 moves.  The first round is 4 minutes.  The second round is 3 minutes.  And the 3rd round is 3 minutes, but at the end of the 3rd round only, you get a 1 minute bonus move.  So it’s more like 4-3-4.  The exercises are:

  • Pedal/Power Lunges (Sprint in place, followed by deep lunges).
  • Ski Abs /Jacks/In & Out/Oblique ( Start in plank position, jump side to side for ski abs, then push ups, jump in and out in plank position, and finally alternating your knees to your elbows for obliques. 4 reps each position).
  • Power Strike (Lunge on the left side, 2 punches downward, lunge right side, 2 punches downward, etc).
  • Frog Jumps (squat jump forwards and backwards)

Between each round you get a 30-40 second water break.

The second set of exercises also consists of 3 rounds.  Like the first set of exercises, each round consists of 4 moves.  The first round is 4 minutes, the second two are 3 minutes each.  After the 3rd round there is a 1 minute bonus move.  After the 3rd round only.  The exercises are:

  • Hook Jumps. (4 hook punches high, 4 hook punches low, 4 high jumps.  Then you switch sides).
  • High Knees with Twist. (As you run with High Knees, you bring your elbows down on each side).
  • High-Low Jab with Squat.  (Jumping high and punching to the side, punch low as you lan in a squat).
  • Floor Switch Kicks. (You just have to see this one). :)

Between each round you get a 30-40 second water break.  After the 3rd round, you have 1 minute of 1-2-3 Jab Across (Side jumps with a punch to each side).

The final set of exercises I was interrupted by the Love Nugget waking up 😦  Super bummer!  This is my favorite round too!  I managed to get in one round and then had to get him.

3 rounds, same 4 moves.  This time there is NOT a bonus move.  The first round is approximately 4 minutes, followed by two 3 minute rounds.

  • Side Suicide Jumps. (From standing position, place your hands on the floor, jump to the left side.  Stand up, repeat on the right).
  • Squat Hooks. (Squat and hook punch, alternating hands).
  • Full Body Drill. (From standing position, drop to the plank position, run in place 8 times, walking push ups, then 8 wide knee, running in place).
  • Plank Punches.  (In a plank position, alternating hands, punch straight out).

You finish with a 3 minute cool down/stretch.

It’s an awesome workout and as I sit here and type this I can feel the my butt is already sore!

After towelling off and grabbing the nugget, we ate some lunch.

He had pasta with turkey sausage, peas and carrots and I had a light lunch of leftover tofu nuggets smothered in organic ketchup with a few slices of cucumbers with rice vinegar and sea salt.












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