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Adult time :-)

Hi Friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a great time on our little weekend getaway with some friends.  Friday after the hubby got home from work and Grammie was all set up to hang out with the Love Nugget, we headed up to Lake Almanor.  Our friends have a family house up there and we love getting away from the busy city life to the much slower paced, mountain life.


It was chilly, but there was no rain so we were happy about that.  Friday we relaxed on the porch playing cards and catching up.

Saturday the boys headed off to go catch us some fishies while we went for a walk and made them breakfast.

I haven’t seen one of these egg beaters in FOREVER!

Weather.com said rain all morning but we only saw blue skies 🙂

We went to Plumas Pines to sit on the deck and enjoy a yummy Bloody Mary 🙂

Then we went to do a little more fishing.

At a beautiful creek nearby.

And… guess who caught the only fish!

Well… maybe not the only one.  The boys came back from their morning fishing trip earlier with three fish that were cooked up for lunch.  They were super tasty!  So my little fishy got tossed back 🙂

Later that evening, we got all cleaned up and headed out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversaries.

Our friends were married 3 years and just a few days before we were.

You have to go check out my super talented friend Monica’s (pictured here) blog and facebook page.  She makes the most amazing Waldorf inspired dolls for girls and boys!  Check them out, you will be amazed!

The four of us enjoyed a great dinner at The Red Onion.  The hubby and I shared a mixed grill platter that came with grilled chicken, shrimp skewers, sausage (for the hubby), red potatoes and zucchini.  It was delicious!  We also enjoyed a great bottle of vino in honor or our anniversaries.

Following our meal, we headed into the bar area to partake in some more adult fun.

Yep, that’s the hubby and I singing our little hearts out to some karaoke!  I don’t think I’ve ever even done it before but there’s a first for everything!  We sang Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.  I know, we’re dorks but it was fun!

We woke up early this morning and headed home to our little Love Nugget.  While we had a great weekend, we missed our little man and wanted to spend the day with him.

Hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend as well!


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