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Root Beer Floats

Some body had a rough day… and it wasn’t me!

Well,  the love nugget was a little bit of a monster today but oh well.  The hubby had a rough day at work today.  Just really busy and he forgot his wallet in my car so he didn’t get to eat lunch until late.  So, when I talked to him this afternoon and he voiced his frustrations I thought I’d get him a little treat to cheer him up 🙂

One of his Father’s Day gifts was this,

He loves Root beer and we never have it so I thought it would be a nice treat.

I found the printable on Pinterest, printed then cut and glued onto a white background.  Super simple and just a fun way to say Happy Father’s Day!

While at the grocery store today I picked up a pint of French Vanilla ice cream.  The full fat kind that the hubby loves!  Then made another fav, a yummy root beer float!

I might have had a bite or two 🙂  But with 260 calories, 16 grams of fat and 23 grams of sugar for 1/2 cup I opted to skip a full one.

Before the root beer float extravaganza, we had a light dinner of Miso Honey chicken and caprese salad.

The chicken was a little disappointing but the caprese salad was delicious!  Never lets us down.

Off to watch So You Think You Can Dance!


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