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Pinkberry :-)

Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend.

I accomplished some of my goal to stock up on the love nugget’s food supply, managing to make broccoli won tons and mini turkey meatballs.  I also prepped lots of stuff for this weekend and made some granola for a thank you gift.

It was hard not to eat it all!  I used this recipe I found on Peanut Butter Fingers but modified a few things.  I added some almonds, chocolate chips, more oats and more peanut butter to make a little more.  I also drizzled it with about a tablespoon of melted coconut butter before baking.  It was delicious!

Of coarse I had a helper in the kitchen today.  I remember when I was a kid and I would get to lick the cake batter, cookie dough or brownie batter off the spatula.  Ha!  The love nugget gets hummus!

And he loved it!  You should have seen when I took it away 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, the love nugget and I went to the hubbies work to pick him up and go to lunch.  We brought along a little father’s day gift.

We gave it to him today mainly because it was full of candy and I wanted him to have it in his office.  That way I wouldn’t be tempted to eat any 🙂  He loves hates it when I give him candy!

The flower pot was super easy to make.  Here’s what we did.

I bought a small terracotta pot from Michaels for $1.25. 

and the love nugget and I painted it using some paint I had on hand.

Well… he pounded, I painted 🙂

Then I cut out a tie using my Cricut and the love nugget smeared painted his hand print.  Finished it up with a little puff paint and viola!

We also bought the hubby a spiffy new outfit for a wedding we are going to tomorrow and a little something else he’ll get on Sunday 🙂

For lunch we went to a restaurant called Brookestone.  The hubby says that he always gets steak and eggs.  Kind of a strange lunch but he justifies it by saying its full of protein!  Whatever floats your boat dude!

I had a Mediterranean salad with grilled chicken.

It was okay.  I’m just so darn picky about my food and have such a hard time eating out.

After lunch I realized that we would be driving right by my favorite frozen yogurt spot, Pinkberry.  The love nugget has never experienced the goodness of the pink palace so we made a pit stop.  I ordered half strawberry, half mango topped with coconut and dark chocolate chips.

It was so tasty and refreshing on such a hot day.  Someone else really enjoyed it too 🙂

He sat patiently waiting for a few bites.  So cute!  We had a nice little yogurt date my love nugget and I 🙂

It is such a hot day today and is supposed to be over 100 tomorrow!  Yikes!  The hubby and I are getting up early and heading out for an 9 mile run.  With the love nugget!  This will be the longest run we’ve done with him so hopefully he will be nice and content the whole ride.  He usually is 🙂

Anything fun planned for this Father’s day weekend?

We’ve got a wedding tomorrow then we are spending some time with family for Father’s Day.  Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.


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