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White Coyote Come Home!

Okay,  so I know they were doing their job and saving our house from burning to the ground but we are so upset that they lost the white coyote in the process.

If you’re confused, here’s how our day went…

We made it out the door on time this morning and hot in a good workout at SS.  Afterwards, I thought about going home but wanted to get a few last minute errands out of the way before this weekend.  So we didn’t make it home until around 12:00.

When we pulled onto our street, it was filled with firetrucks.  Panic sets in at this point and as a fireman walks up to my car I roll down the window praying it’s not our house.

Luckily he tells us that it’s the neighbor’s house but that they had to break into our back yard to fight the fire.

Okay, no biggie.

Then he tells me that the little white dog that was in the backyard ran off.

How long ago was this I ask?  Well over an hour ago!  Awesome!

So, I spent some time driving around yelling his name out of the car.  Then we parked, got the love nugget in his stroller and hoofed it for quite a while.  On our mission we ran into a neighbor who said they had seen him with kid and showed him where they thought our dog lived.  That was the last any one saw of the white coyote 😦

We are just beside ourselves with what to do.  He is like a son to us, our first born child and the love nugget’s best friend.

After spending the day going door to door and putting up posters, we are hoping that some good sumeratin will return him safely to us.

Very thankful that our house didn’t burn down and that the firemen responded quickly but wish I would have been home to make sure the white coyote was safe.  Could have, would have, should have right?

Keep your fingers crossed for his return 🙂


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