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Yogurt and wine

Good morning!

Happy Friday to you all!  It’s supposed to be pretty windy here again today so I’m glad today is a rest day on our training schedule.  As I’ve mentioned before I HATE running in the wind, especially with a stroller!

But we will be heading to SS here in a little bit to get in a good Friday workout at the Fountains 🙂

Yesterday afternoon the hubby got home earlier than expected and since it was national chocolate ice cream day, we went to go get a frozen treat.

I’m not a huge ice cream fan but love frozen yogurt every once in a while.  I recently saw an episode on Dr. Oz where they were talking about the high amount of sugar that is in frozen yogurt.  This was weighing heavily on my mind as we drove there, especially since I was headed to the wine tasting after and was going to be having more sugar!  I was thrilled to see that above each machine they had the main nutrition facts!  Plus, they had one flavor, cheesecake, that had no sugar added.  So with only 3 grams of sugar, I helped myself to a little of that plus some chocolate since it was National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.  The hubby always gets the same thing, vanilla with reeses peanut butter cups.  The love nugget had some of mine and was in frozen yogurt heaven!

After yogurt we went our separate ways, me to the wine class and the boys to swim lessons.

I’ve taken a wine class through Total Wine before and enjoyed the information they gave us and the wine we tasted.  So I was looking forward to another fun evening with my cousin and some good wine.  When we got there, one of the wine managers recognized us from the previous class and asked if we had our coupons.  Coupons?  Nope, no coupons… he ran and got us a 2 for 1 coupon which made the class even better!  Usually it’s $25 per person but tonight it was only $12.50, sweet!

We grabbed our seats and flipped through our tasting guide for the evening.

I was happy to see that they had some snacks to munch on.  With a huge line up of wine to drink in front of us, I realized the frozen yogurt was probably not going to be a very substantial dinner.  Luckily they had some turkey roll ups and nuts that did the trick.

We tasted lots of great wines, some really expensive wines and some not so great wines, at least in my opinion.  Since the Napa region is big on Cabernets and Chardonnays I knew that was what we would be tasting the most and even though I’m not a huge fan of either, I thought I’d give them a try.  I liked a few of their Chards, a few Cabs, but decided I’d rather stick to my Zins!  I love me a good Zinfandel!!!

The guy who was running the class tonight was the head wine manager and he surprised us with some great news at the end of the class.  Any of us that were there would be getting 2 for 1 pricing on any class in the future we take.  ANY class!  Sweet!  So we’ll be going back for sure!

QUESTION ~ Have you ever taken a wine class or any other type of food related class? 



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